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Must-watch TV: Resurrection

Must-watch TV: Resurrection

| On 12, Mar 2014

Resurrection is the latest show to hit our shores straight from the US, and it’s not your average family drama. 

Resurrection follows the town of Arcadia, which is rocked by the return of young Jacob, some 32 years after he drowned to death.

Jacob appears out of the blue in China, and makes his way back to Arcadia to find his parents, who by now are aged and a tad overwhelmed by the whole scenario.

Things start to get really creepy when more of the deceased start returning from the dead – is it a scam, a zombie attack or some sort of miracle?

Omar Epps (House M.D.) and Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show) star in Resurrection – image by

Resurrection is based on the novel The Returned by Jason Mott, and if the show is anything like its inspiration piece, it’s less dark zombie tale, and more of an investigation into the social repercussions of resurrecting the dead.

Humanity and the afterlife are increasingly hot topics in the world of television, and indeed Resurrection draws very strong parallels to the popular and critically acclaimed French series of a similar name Les Revenants or The Returned.

It also told a story of a small town where people return from the dead; however, in the end things turned pretty sour, and the ‘returned’ were all destroyed.

What does Resurrection have in store for Jacob and the other resurrected souls? Find out on Channel 7 – Resurrection premieres in the US on March 9, and will be hitting our screens shortly after.


For more information about Resurrection, visit Channel 7’s website.