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Naturally 7

Naturally 7

| On 04, Jun 2014

On Friday night seven internationally acclaimed architects of vocal play returned to Brisbane for an astonishing concert that mixed musical traditions with a contemporary interpretation of a cappella.

With no instruments to be found, the American music group carried out the sounds of drums, guitars, horns, strings, turntables and beats with perfect melodies and harmonies.

The artists illustrated incredible talent, as they used nothing but the human voice to deliver this broad mix of instrumental sound effects and songs.

Naturally 7 made the crowd laugh as they sung of vegemite sandwiches and the city of Brisbane while impressing all with their solo performances and instrumental talent.

However the group of seven gifted musicians had not always blasted out unique interpretations of English rock by the likes of The Beatles and Queen as well as other renowned pop classics that were heard during Brisbane’s one-night-only concert.

In 1999 Naturally 7 came together organically to perform as a gospel choir in the Bronx, New York City.

“There were no auditions,” Musical Director Roger Thomas told the audience in between songs.

Together with Warren Thomas, the two brothers founded the group with five other artists who they met when singing across New York City.

For the Thomas brothers, their earliest memory of vocal play was as children when Warren began to experiment with different drum sounds using only his voice.

Roger informed the audience that Warren wanted a drum set and their mother would never buy him one because it was too loud. However it was Warrens determination to still play the drums that inspired the careers they hold today.

This level of passion and determination could be seen throughout the concert when the group continued to give the audience a true sense of Naturally 7. They spoke of themselves as both individuals and as a musical family and told the crowd how they came to impress millions of people across the globe.

These insightful and personal stories allowed the broad crowd, from seven to seventy year olds, to feel connected to the American music group through words as well as music.

After leaving the stage, the audience cheered, wolf whistled and stomped passionately until Naturally 7 returned for an enormous encore that lasted an additional forty minutes.

With the further boost of energy from their fans, Naturally 7 had the entirety of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Concert Hall swaying, jumping, bopping and singing until both the music group and the crowd were all danced out.

As a whole, Naturally 7 and their one-night-only concert demonstrated nothing less than incredibly talented vocal play and musical interpretations that will take the rest of Australia by storm. However in order to truly understand their talent, you must see Naturally 7 through your own eyes.

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Naturally 7. Feature Image by Chris Mann.