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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 20, 2019

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New Music From Hein Cooper

New Music From Hein Cooper

| On 31, Jul 2015

Following the success of his first single, Hein Cooper is back with a brand new track but with a different sound. ‘The Real’ is a deliciously vibrant and delicate song that showcases Cooper’s stunning vocal talent and his versatility across genres.

After an amazing six months in which Hein Cooper has been basking in the glory that was ‘The Art of Escape’, he is back with a delicious new track entitled ‘The Real’. Following airtime on radio stations and features on playlists all over the world, Cooper has returned to reinvigorate the genre once again and it couldn’t be anymore satisfying to listen to.

As we have become accustomed to, Cooper brought with him his haunting yet soothing vocal ability which blends perfectly with the delicate downtempo resonance. ‘The Real’ is unlike it’s predecessor, ‘The Art of Escape’, due to Cooper showing off the electronic side of his musical personality. ‘The Real’  is the ultimate chill-out track on a Sunday afternoon with a plate of nachos by the pool and perfect company.

Hein Cooper Artwork

I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Cooper and was able to ask about the inspiration of the track and how it all came together. I was shocked to find out that he drew inspiration from the themes of ‘The Matrix’.

“The idea of something governing the masses and keeping them unaware of the reality of their enslaved lives was so clear to me. The blue pill or the red pill and the decision to live a lie or face the painful/inconvenient truth.”

After being incredibly moved by the cult sci-fi film Cooper built upon the themes represented and ‘The Real’  was created. With help from Marcus Paquin, the man behind Arcade Fire, the duo created the framework for the track. From there Cooper drew inspiration from fellow downtempo electronica alumni such as Chet Faker and Ben Khan to put the finishing touches on the song.

This is only the beginning for Cooper as he is set to perform around Europe in a four-festival jaunt starting this month and will be touring with the festivals until August.

Images courtesy of SGC Media