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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 5, 2021

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New Secret Rooftop Bar Revealed

New Secret Rooftop Bar Revealed

| On 07, Oct 2014

When we were told a new garden rooftop bar with city skyline views was opening in Brisbane we got a little bit excited. When we found out this new bar was simply the revamped Stockies rooftop we were a little less excited, but still pleased by the done up venue.

Some hedge wallpaper, fairy lights and hanging pot plants have definitely given this well-loved CBD bar a fresh Spring look, but essentially it is still the same old Stockies that you have either loved or loathed.


The upstairs interior bar does deserve a special mention though. For those who remember the worn out carpet, dim lighting and rave tunes that signified the end of a good night out, the new hardwood floors and black leather seating has come as welcome change.

Attempting to gather in a more upmarket clientele with the garden scenery and a delicious cocktail menu featuring Pimms and Gin Fizzes, this new bar is worth a visit for a civilised Sunday session, or as one of the first stops on a night out.

Although slightly oversold in it’s advertising, this is definitely a step up from the previous rooftop bar. If you are after some Pimms, greenery and a partial skyscraper view, then give this place a visit on your next night out.


The Stock Exchange Rooftop Bar

131 Edward Street, Brisbane