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Night At The Museum

Night At The Museum

| On 18, Jun 2014

The live performance ‘Horrible Histories – Awful Egyptians’ hit the stage for the first time in Brisbane on Saturday with delightfully freaky, witty and highly amusing narratives from the past.

A night at the museum quickly turned into a night of hilarious horror with awful Egyptians, atrocious Pharaohs and thrilling historical figures including the fearsome Ramesses the Great and Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, Tutankhamun.

Those who dared to enter the gates of the Egyptian afterlife, or simply the doors of The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, were able to travel back in time to experience the life of a Pharaoh, the hardship encountered by prisoners of war and the mummification process.

HH Body 1

However only those who could stomach more than a few severed body parts and Ancient Egyptian Canopic jars that held lungs and intestines were able to grasp the complete experience.

The delighted and enthusiastic crowd let out oohs and ahhs, gasps of horror and endless sequels of laughter throughout the journey from the museum to a time of pyramids and stone carvings.

Despite the successful efforts of the cast of four to sing and dance with the excitable crowd, and the incredible Bogglevision 3D effects, the clear highlight for the swarm of children was when the ‘mummy’ came to life.

HH Mummy

The ‘mummy’ captured the attention of all as he began running through the front seats, ‘high-fiving’ every third spectator and dancing like he was in the twenty-first century.

Horrible Histories – Awful Egyptians was a performance dedicated to children and enjoyed almost as much by the parents and other adults who came meet the historical figures. The show integrated wit, charm, and gruesome sightings and was an educational display of weird and wonderful Egyptians who had jumped right out from their graves.


The details:

What: Horrible Histories – Awful Egyptians

Where: Lyric Theatre, QPAC, Cultural Precinct, South Bank, Brisbane

When: 13 to 14 June 2014

How Much: From $39.00 to $59.00


Horrible Histories – Awful Egyptians. Images provided by The Queensland Performing Arts Centre.