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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 26, 2021

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Nightmare at Mount Cotton: Horror Movie Campout 2016

Nightmare at Mount Cotton: Horror Movie Campout 2016

| On 01, Jun 2016

In September, horror will arrive at Mount Cotton for a three day event of monsters, mazes and video nasties. 

When you think of the most scariest places in Brisbane, Mount Cotton is the last thing you would ever associate with horror and terror, but in September for three days the Horror Movie Campout is going to put Mount Cotton on the map for something other then their wines.

The Horror Movie Campout is a three day event of horror movies, music and camping that will excite the Jason Voorhees in all of us. Held at the Mount Cotton Sirromet Winery, the site will be turned straight into The Overlook Hotel, complete with a horror maze that may or may not include a Jack Nicholson impersonator to chase you down the long and mystical corridors.


The films shown are a variety of local independent short films and international independent full length films. The shorts films are displayed in a short film contest and patrons vote for their favourite short in which the winner attains some sort of prize as well as the satisfaction and notoriety of winning a short film contest.

At this point, the full list of full length features have not yet been released. So far, the festival will be showing: The Witch (2016), Hayride (2013) and A Brother Conscience (2007). The Witch has already been covered by The Creative Issue here. The remaining films are lesser known horror films with promising synopses. Hayside is the story of a college student returning to his hometown and wouldn’t you guess, a serial killer has returned to the town as well. Needless to say, Hayside is a slasher film – an old yet entertaining genre of freaky films.

Turning things up a bit, A Bothered Conscience is a psychological horror film based around the cruel and inhuman teachings of a father to his young son. Is the father correct in his teachings? Can the son as an adult accept how wrong his father was? Is the son insane? All will be revealed.


The Horror Movie Campout also features a wide array of musical acts from different horror related genres: horror punk, deathrock, gothabilly, and psychobilly – and yes, they are all real musical genres. This may be a little different to the usual Mount Cotton music festivals, but the horror themed music will create the titillating ambience one would expect from such an outrageous film festival.

For more information on the Horror Movie Campout, feel free to check out the official website that includes all the details, trailers and information about the event.

What’s On: Horror Movie Campout
When: The 3rd to the 6th of September 2016
Where: Sirromet Winery, Mount Cotton
Cost: Ranges from $79.00 to $130.00 (Excluding Booking Fee)- Purchase tickets here
Age Limit: 18+

Image Credits: Horror Movie Campout, Richard Scott via AWOL, BMAG