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No Lights No Lycra: Brisbane’s Dance in the Dark

No Lights No Lycra: Brisbane’s Dance in the Dark

| On 04, Apr 2016

Ever wanted to work up a sweat in a completely blackened-out room filled with strangers? Well Brisbane, here’s your chance.

Hosted every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, Brisbane’s No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) lets you leave your inhibitions at the door. Whether you’re a beginner booty shaker or someone whose hips don’t lie, this hour-long dance off will definitely get your heart racing in time with the music.

But what separates NLNL from your typical drunken Friday night encounter with the dance floor and a handful of overfriendly wannabe partners? Apart from being a drug and alcohol (and douche bag) free zone, NLNL is in complete darkness. That’s right. No blinding strobe lights or regretting your clothing choices. The second the door closes, the lights go out and the music starts, leaving you free to dance like nobody is watching, because they literally cannot see you.

“Dance in the dark with no judgement, dance however you want – it’s not a class, so there’s no moves to learn, there’s no outfit you have to wear, just come as you are and let loose,” Ms. Claire Cameron, the coordinator of Brisbane’s NLNL says.

It’s like Zumba for the antisocial. NLNL proves an inclusive and non-judgmental environment that allows you an opportunity to explore your inner Beyoncé, all while working up a glorious sweat.

So come to test out your best moves before hitting the clubs, or to work away some of your weekly stress. From The B-52’s to Lady Gaga, NLNL will have you shaking it out and losing yourself completely before the time is up.



Locations: West End, Carina Heights, and Windsor

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7pm-8pm

Cost: $5 – $6 at the door

Wear: Comfort/Active wear

Contact: Facebook or email at

For more information or to find a near you NLNL, visit their website here.


Image By Paul Philipson