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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2021

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Noise Blocking Revolution For Performing Artists By Black Canvas

| On 18, Nov 2014

Envisioning what is the first noise absorbing acoustic panels for artists at cafes and restaurants, Black Canvas is set to revolutionise the industry for art and culture in Brisbane.

After recognising the problem many artists, venues, employees and customers, have with noise, their ground breaking idea needs your help to come to fruition.

With only two days left to get behind this event, head over to their Pozible page to donate.

BikeBlack Canvas Acoustic Design & Art Gallery project manager Daniel Pye and Arts-worker Talulah Jung are the brains behind the idea plans to create noise absorbing acoustic panels out of stretched canvas frames which will feature local emerging artists, in order to showcase both the diverse talent of our creative drawers but also of our local musicians.

These noise absorbing panels hope to put an end to loud cafes, restaurants and harsh sounding bars in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

This project aims to achieve more sustainability in the industry by generating more work and space and cultural diversity in the industry.

Black Canvas project aims to give artists a sustainable and practical application for their work in the plight to solve industry problems.

Mr Pye says that, ” Emerging artists are paid dismally for their work despite how much time, money and effort they put  into these amazing pieces of Art. There needs to be more consistent paid work for emerging artists for them to be able to develop both their art and business skills to ensure they can create a career for themselves.”

Besides creating more jobs for local and emerging artists, the project aims to raise awareness to the use of space by these venues and how they affect customer interaction, employees, and artists.

By using noise absorbing canvas art, the artist can promote their work and the performer is able to play more comfortably.

Hurry, you only have two days to get in and pledge for this amazing campaign which will aim to raise $6000.

The campaign is to help fund testing materials for the artists to use on the panels, prototypes of the finished products and a full fit out of a Brisbane establishment.

The public can nominate their favourite noisy establishment to be fitted out, by sharing the Black Canvas Pozible Campaign and tagging the establishment in a post on any social media platform using the hashtags; “#toonoisy” & “#getblackcanvas.”

The venue with the most tags will be nominated as the venue to be acoustically treated with the money from the crowd-funding campaign.

Access the Pozible campaign for more information.

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