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Not So Lucky at Lucky Duck Cafe

Not So Lucky at Lucky Duck Cafe

| On 08, Nov 2014

Nestled on the corner of Gladstone Rd and Vulture St is Lucky Duck Café, a funky little hideaway offering delicious coffee and a relaxing vibe.

Lucky Duck is the type of café you visit in the morning and want to come back to at night. The bar is stocked with bottles that tempt and tantalise, and their cocktail menu offers all the best classics such as a Cosmo, a Southside or a Pimms Cup. Bar snacks such as cheese boards and nachos encourage patrons to unwind and share a few plates with their mates.




With live bands featuring on the weekend, Lucky Duck is further ensuring that your weekends are all about good drinks, good tunes and good friends.

Whilst the vibe of Lucky Duck is fantastic, they are a bit lacking in their menu.

Lucky Duck does not offer new and exciting dishes. They keep it short and simple. What you see is what you get. Whilst this can result in some simple dishes, the reason you return to Lucky Duck is their coffee and their staff.




Being able to share a joke with a barista in the morning is an underappreciated bonus to a café.

The changes needed to Lucky Duck’s menu are minor but they would improve the quality of the food vastly.

Their Mush Up sounded extremely appealing- mushrooms cooked in thyme and garlic tossed with rocket and feta on sourdough toast with lemon, basil and olive oil. There’s nothing wrong with that.




Unfortunately, there was not a lot of flavour within the dish. It wasn’t until I looked at the menu again to write this article that I realized there was meant to be thyme and garlic in the dish, but their flavours were not apparent. Similarly, I could only find one piece of basil on top of my dish, which will never be enough to pervade the entire plate with flavour. But the saddest element of the dish was the mushrooms themselves. Lucky Duck chose to serve button mushrooms which are my least favourite mushroom to cook with at home. They’re the least flavoursome variety of mushroom and reminded me of this fact when on my plate.




With so many cafés popping up all over Brisbane, I probably won’t return to Lucky Duck. But if it’s local to you, it’s worth dropping by for a coffee and a chat with the staff. It’s worth taking a quack at.


The Details

Who: Lucky Duck Cafe

Where: 15 Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill

When: Mon-Thurs 6.30am-2pm, Fri-Sat 6.30am-11pm, Sun 6.30am-10pm

Review Overview



Lucky Duck Cafe was disappointing on the food front but had tasty coffee and a nice breeze to relax with.