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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 8, 2022

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NZ's Hot Donnas Reminisce About OZ!

NZ’s Hot Donnas Reminisce About OZ!
Victoria Jenkins

Dunedin based four-piece Hot Donnas have just released their cracking EP The Adventures of E-WAN! In the absence of an Australian tour announcement they sat down with TCI to relive their favourite Aussie memories!

Following on from 2017’s debut album, Greek Yoghurt, these New Zealanders haven’t stopped touring and treating fans to new music. This latest release, The Adventures of E-WANoffers up six indie, grunge and surf-rock tracks that have left the band, and no doubt their fans – Aussie’s included, champing at the bit for their return to touring. The boys crossed the ditch back in 2019 and played packed shows across Australia’s east coast including Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Jacob, Gene, George and Mitch recall their time in Aus below!

Our time in Aussie was full of highlights, and my previous trips too. I personally enjoy the change in climate over the ditch, the warmer temperatures and tropical environments of the Gold Coast always stay vivid in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Brisbane City and walking the riverbanks there. The change in wildlife that you see in the region is wild compared to the fields of livestock at home. The live music scene was ripping and we had an awesome show, I would recommend it as a highlight travel destination for sure.

One of my fondest, (but admittedly most blurry) memory of Australia would have to be our time in Melbourne on our tour in 2019. We were travelling around with The Darrans fellas and were in line for a real horse of a show. Arriving in Melbourne and catching up with my high school mate only escalated the night, which led to us ploughing straight through to our 6am flight back to Sydney. On top of all the shenanigans that took place that night, I have a very interesting picture of George’s face stamped into my memory when he had learned that our 6am flight had been cancelled (which would have us waiting at the airport for another 8-9 hours). The next day of travelling was a pain I wasn’t familiar with but the memory lives on as an absolute classic.

One of my favourite places we visited during our previous Australian tour is The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Especially hanging out and feeding the Kangaroos. I learnt that they were all rescued or either raised from Wallabies. Some had bullet wounds which I wondered to myself who would ever want to shoot one of these gorgeous creatures? But after going to the local kebab shops around I soon quickly realised why… 10/10 would pat again.

Any Turkish Kebab Shops. These places pop off, while over in Aus on a tight budget we tried to get the most bang for our buck when buying food and kebabs were a solid option every time. Anytime whether it was for lunch or a late night drunk snack these bad boys never once disappointed us. Also who knew that you can eat your national animal all wrapped up in a tortilla. 10/10 would smash again.

Seeing all the different venues and bars around Aussie was an awesome experience – really makes you realise how much smaller our cities in NZ actually are! All the gig posters and punk rock vibes around these places made us witness what we are missing out on and we’d all love to cut back across the ditch to play some more sweaty rock n roll and get nose deep in some mosh pits.

Same as Jacob, the much warmer climate that Queensland had to offer was one of my favourite things about Aus. Coming from the middle of a Dunedin winter (ten degrees on a good day) to mid 20 degree weather was pretty dope to say the least!

One of my favourite places to go to in Aus is the Steyne pub in Manly. We went there on a Sunday to watch some NRL with the boys from the band The Darrans. This pub was a one stop shop, with great feeds, a nice courtyard area with live music, good beers, a projector and of course, the TAB. What more could you ask for in a pub setting.

My favourite thing to do in Australia was to just walk around and soak up the cities. Being from Dunedin, cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are enormous. I enjoyed walking around and looking at the high rise buildings. I particularly enjoyed parking up by the river in Brissy and soaking in the sun.



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