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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 19, 2021

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O' Lucinda Johnson of Brisbane band O' Little Sister

Amy Billing
  • On February 20, 2013

Lucinda Johnson is the sweet and enchanting voice behind Brisbane’s O’ Little Sister. Johnson’s parents are singer/songwriters so it was inevitable that she would eventually follow suit. “Well I grew up in a big musical family, moving around here and there, never staying in one place for too long” she says. Though she admits “I fell in love with lyrics and poetry first…I’m a big fan of poets like Emily Dickinson and Francis Thompson.” Johnson paints a spectacular picture with the simple elegance of her lyrics.

For the most part Johnson is accompanied by her acoustic guitar. Johnson explains her style as “stripped back to guitar and voice…but I like to write some poppy goodness on a 90s CASIO keyboard”. The simplicity of the music is refreshing and is reminiscent of artists like Ben Howard and Emiliana Torrini. Johnson’s song writing method is influenced with every new season. “At the moment I’ve been completely obsessed with Studio Ghibli films” she explains, “films stir something in me that I want to capture like a butterfly before it disappears.”

As an artist Johnson admits that it is hard to put herself out there. “I found I was going to shows by musicians I really admired, and just talked and encouraged them afterwards, which seemed to lead to quite a few shows” she admits. Hoping to one day take O’ Little Sister to the UK and Europe, Johnson is focused on releasing more music and hopefully one day create music videos to accompany her songs. Although O’ Little Sister is just Johnson, she is hopeful to work with other musicians to create something new and exciting.

O’ Little Sister is performing at Creative Drinks networking event on Thursday 21st of February at Little Panda. You can catch O’ Little Sister supporting Andrew Lowden (from Thelma Plum) at The Hideaway on the 28th of February.  Check out O Little Sisters Facebook page for all the details regarding gigs, and new releases, and you can listen to O’ Little Sister at Triple J Unearthed and SoundCloud.