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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 6, 2020

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One For The Ladies: Heartof Apparel

Lucinda Bayly



I for one have been known to get into an excessive amount of trouble from my brother and boyfriends alike for raiding through their wardrobes, stealing his tee shirts, and escaping again like I’d just won the lottery.  A tee shirt with a slogan on it – yep, I’ll take that.  An artistically worn out, overpriced, ripped navy number – hell yeah, that can be mine too.  The cotton ASOS basic – I definitely need it more than him, pff… He won’t even notice it’s gone.  Spoiler alert: he does.

Cue Heartof Apparel… My new love, my brother’s saving grace.

“Finally!” my heart cries.  A locally sourced, women’s street wear label.  Despite being around for two years already, the brand’s official launch was held in the summer of last year, boasting a range of muscle shirts, printed tees and flat caps.   Thanks to Heartof Apparel, I now live in a time where I am able to wear virile attire without sneaking around in my brother’s wardrobe, and having a minor coronary every time I hear a floorboard creak, or a door knob turn.

I first discovered Heartof Apparel when I was minding my own business, not stealing people’s stuff, at the West End markets one Saturday. My initial reaction was that it was just another boys street wear store.   Buying and wearing men’s clothing is not the hitch here, and it’s an indulgence that I hold very close to my heart, but it’s nice to have something for the ladies every now and then.  Sometimes we like to wear muscle tees and flat caps, and sometimes, (not always), we like them to be our own.   With nothing over $50, purchasing something, or a few things, is a no brainer.  heartofapparel2

The art of “boyfriend” dressing is not revolutionary, so frankly it is surprising that something like this has taken so long to pop up on the Brisbane scene.  But so it has, and all across Queensland I can hear brothers and boyfriends giving a few, silent fist pumps with the arrival of a brand that the ladies in their lives can call their own.


Find them at the West End markets on Saturday mornings, or shop their online collection here.