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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 29, 2020

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Op Shopping With Hannah Klose of Never Ever Pay Retail

Op Shopping With Hannah Klose of Never Ever Pay Retail

| On 19, Nov 2014

Op shopping, thrifting or vintage, whatever you call it Hannah Klose of Never Ever Pay Retail knows it!

Taking the guess work out of second hand fashion Hannah’s website has a store locator, reviews, lookbooks as well as its own online op shop. We got together with Hannah to pick the Brisbane locals brain about all things thrifted.



CD: What are your dos and don’ts when op shopping?


1. Plan your itinerary…especially if you’re shopping on a Saturday when most op shop volunteers like to have an early mark. Start with the ones that close first and go from there. Use the NEPR op shop locator to find the op shops around you.

2. Research…flick a fashion magazine so you have your head in the game. Have an idea of what prints, fabrics, garments, bric-a-brac or haberdashery you ‘need’ before you get there.

3. Cash is king…not all op shops have made it into the 21st century so remember to collate all your shrapnel.

4. Find a thrifty wing-woman to drag along…it’s not as fun with one.

5. Dress code…wear something easy to get changed in and out of to save on time. Avoid buttons at all costs! I usually wear a dress and slip on shoes for a ninja shopping experience.



CD: What should be avoided when op shopping?

Hannah: Always check for sweat patches on tops and dresses…those bad boys don’t usually come out even with a bucket load of Napisan!

CD: What unexpected pieces can be restyled?

Hannah: If you’re in the market for some summer shorts look no further than the culotte style Millers shorts at op shops…all they need is a trim and then a folded cuff with some side seams and a little hand sewing to keep them in place.

Always check out the vintage dresses…they make your calves look ginormous because most of them fall to just below the knees but there’s nothing a cheeky hemline can’t fix! Time to pull out your sewing machines ladies!



CD: What tips do you have for op shopping virgins?

  • Pack antihistamines in case you get the sneezels from rummaging.
  • Always have coffee beforehand… it’ll give you a much needed adrenalin kick.
  • Attitude is everything! Make sure you have your op shop mojo on…go in expecting to find gold and you will!
  • Be nice to the ladies who volunteer…they do an incredible job and make it possible for us to get retail therapy without breaking the bank. Play your cards right and they might even give you a discount too!

9dbIHpcpaDzLDye_Y9oIeZSM0-S1ehGM6vAKIPuuql0CD: What do you keep an eye out for when op shopping?

Hannah: At the moment I’m always on the prowl for jeans that I can either hack up into boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for summer, dresses that can be hemmed up, prints such as black and white check and florals, capes and blazers and shoes in size 10 – it’s usually a miracle to find those though! I still have a VCR so I love buying the classics on video too like Milo and Otis, Anne of Green Gables, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and Breakfast at Tiffanys!



CD: What is your greatest op shopping tip or trick? 

Hannah: There’s no tricks – just look at absolutely everything…go over the whole shop with a fine tooth comb! Maybe work on your biceps…you’ll need them for rifling through the racks of garments, which are usually jam-packed.

CD: How do you style op shop pieces to make them modern?

Hannah: The first thing I usually do is modify the hem line, sometimes I’ll cut off the sleeves completely or give them a trim if they’re too long or puffy and I always take out the shoulder pads – don’t want to look like a grid iron player!



CD: What has been your best ever op shop purchase?

Hannah: I’m torn between my $7.50 tassel jacket from the Salvos in Kempsey (NSW) or my Salvatore Ferragamo Heels I picked up for $19.99 in Brunswick (VIC)

CD: What was your last op shop purchase?

Hannah: A crochet top and daisy skirt for a total of $1 at the Salvos store in Carindale.




CD: What is your favourite piece at the moment?

Hannah: A caramel fedora I picked up from St Veronica’s thrift store in West End for $5.

CD: Who are your style icons? 

Hannah: Alexa Chung without a doubt

CD: Where are your all time favourite Brisbane op shops?

Preloved Boutique

Address: Morningside Uniting Church, 43 Thynne Road, Morningside

Phone: 3390 5937

Trading hours: 9am-12pm Friday – Saturday

Windsor Road Thriftstore

Address 16 Windsor Rd Red Hill

Phone: 3368 2822

Trading hours: 9:30am – 2:30pm Monday – Saturday

Hills Op Shop

Address: 79 Queens Road, Everton Hills, Brisbane

Phone: 3353 3693

Trading hours: 9.00am – 2:30pm Friday & Saturdays

Steeple Op Shop

Address: Steeple Opshop, 215 Oxley Road Graceville

Phone: 07 3379 3769

Trading hours: Wed-Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-12:30pm

RSPCA Newfarm

Address: Corner of Merthyr Road and Lamington Street

Phone: 07 3254 2309

Trading hours: Mon – Sun 9am to 4pm

For more from Never Ever Pay Retail check out Hannah’s website or for daily updates follow @nevereverpayretail on Instagram.

Images supplied by Hannah Klose.