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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 11, 2020

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Op Shopping

Op Shopping
Jennifer Brown

As well as just being a fun and exciting treasure hunt, Op Shopping can benefit you, your wallet and the environment! Buying secondhand is just another way to break the cycle when it comes to waste.

When it comes to the fashion side of things, you get a chance to find different and unique pieces that not a lot of people would have. For example, you go to your local mall and a lot of the clothing stores have their collections of the season. Many consumers will be purchasing the items and stlyes of the season, which then becomes common amongst them. With op shops, you find vintage pieces and clothes from previous collections that you couldn’t afford at the time… At nearly a quarter of the original retail price. New second hand clothes, new wardrobe, new you, with the addition of a VERY happy wallet!

On the ethical side of things, most op shops are not-for-profit, meaning the money they make from their sales, goes to the charity. eg. Red Cross, Saint Vincent De Paul, RSPCA, Salvation Army, etc.

Op-shopping is also ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly. Buying secondhand means that you keep clothes out of landfill. It is the perfect way to recycle in a way that benefits so many people.

In saying all of that, let me share with you, my personal list of favourite op shops around Brisbane!

Wynnum Central

Op shopping here is a great experience and hunt. Wynnum Central has a number of op shops in the area, as well as great cafes and juice bars. And even a few minutes walk from the waterfront. The St. Vinnies in this area is completely organised, I cannot fault it in any way. When it comes to certain pieces I want to find, it isn’t hard at all. All their clothes are organised by piece and all the colours are put together, so it makes wanting a certain colour easy to find.

The Salvos always has a sale of some sort going on and I have always managed to find great designer pieces without breaking my bank account. And of course, the pieces are always in top condition!

Some of the op-shops in this area separate the big brand names to their own rack in the store. They go for as much as $30, but it is better than the original $100+ price tag. And with them not being in for the season, you can be assured you will be the only one with that designer piece.

Save The Children Op Shop – Deception Bay

When I was living in the North Lakes area, I came across this op shop on the way to the Redcliffe Markets to pass the time. There was always something new every week and the pieces are timeless.

Capalaba Salvos

All I have to say… Is that this place is HUGE! It is nearly impossible to leave without purchasing anything!

SWOP Clothing Exchange

There are a few of these around. Their clothes are mainly designer and top quality as their donations have to be at a certain level of criteria. They don’t just accept anything as a donation. A lot of their clothes are very unique and heaps old school. Buying from here nearly feels new.

These are just a select few where I find designer pieces and have always found something new.

If you are someone that is always keen to find new clothes while on a budget, op shopping would definitely be the way to go. Second hand clothes will be a big help to the environment, your wallet and many charity and organisations. You feel great in a new outfit knowing you didn’t spend too much money, that you have made a donation towards a great cause and you are wearing something different and unique.

Bottom line, second hand clothes have alot more character than what you buy brand new and you are breaking the cycle of consumer waste while lessening the worries of buying from sweatshops.

So check out your local op shops and have some fun! Who knows what you will find?