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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 18, 2021

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Paddington Café, Shouk's New Menu

Paddington Café, Shouk’s New Menu

| On 20, Nov 2014

The Israeli inspired café is a favourite amongst locals and travellers to Paddington, and now has a new menu raising it even higher on our ‘must try’ list.

If you have not been to Shouk before here is what you need to know: They do a great coffee, breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner on weekends, the friendliest staff, and the perfect incorporation of Middle Eastern flavours whilst still remaining accessible (and delicious!) for Brisbane eaters.

The old breakfast favourites are still on the menu, including the Shakshuka ($17)- Tunisian style eggs baked in a rich sauce of tomato, capsicum and spices, topped with olives and challah bread on the side. This was a team favourite (you will find out what has replaced it) and is perfection. Runny eggs with great complimenting flavours and sweet challah bread to help soak up all the goodness and great flavours dancing around your dish.




Another oldie but a goodie is the Avocado on Toast ($17), this may not sound too exciting, but that is where you are wrong. Smashed and seasoned avocado with Persian feta on toasted sourdough with dukkah, two poached eggs and pomegranates molasses. It is the simple addition of the feta, dukkah and pomegranate that turns this dull café regular into a flavour explosion and makes it perfect for anyone after a simple and healthy breakfast.




Enough about the old menu highlights though, it is three of the new additions that have us salivating.

Chocolate & Waffles ($18)

Holy moly! That seems to be the only appropriate may to start to describe this decadent, yet perfectly balanced, breakfast. Belgian waffles with strawberries, chocolate brownie ice cream and chocolate halva. The elements sound simple, but as always it is the use of top quality ingredients, excellent flavour balancing and perfect presentation that helps kick this meal to our new number one. The ice cream is to die for, and the drizzled chocolate sauce is just the right amount to make every bite a chocolatey heaven.




Challah French Toast ($17)

Keeping on the sweet front, this is a French toast to put others to shame. Challah bread (similar tasting to brioche) soaked in a spiced egg mixture, served with candied walnuts, balsamic macerated berries and a vanilla semifreddo. The light and fluffy challah makes for the perfect French toast, combine this with tangy balsamic berries and contrasting rich and creamy semifreddo and Shouk has hit the mark. Perfect contrasting flavours that will result with you licking the plate clean.




Pumpkin & Haloumi on Toast ($17)

We understand sweet options can be too much in the morning, so if you are after some flavour and spice this is the pick for you. Pumpkin puree, roasted pumpkin, spicy zhoug sauce and two 63 degree eggs on sourdough. The pumpkin done two ways should already have you cheering, but this in addition to a spicy green zhoug sauce to compliment the creamy soft texture of the pumpkin and eggs makes this dish a winner.




Shouk have outdown themselves yet again, and we only hope this new menu sticks around for a long, looong time.


The Details:

What: Shouk Café

Where: 14 Collingwood St, Paddington