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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2020

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Palace Presents: The German Film Festival 2019

Palace Presents: The German Film Festival 2019
Lucy Leyshon

There is something about European film that can feel so rich and so real when compared to the larger-than-life, box-office-oriented blockbusters that we so often see churned out by the American film industry today.

When stripped away from concerns about money-making, popularity, and sticking tight to tradition, film has the power to be one of the most beautiful, empowering, and emotive mediums of communication in the world. Not only does it have the capacity to evoke thought, but it can also have the ability to inspire change.

The German film industry is one such source of truly emotive and inspirational film, which lies at the very heart of its people’s culture. Germany’s best films showcase both the beauty and brutality of the country’s tumultuous history, and don’t shy away from presenting the human condition in its starkest, most genuine form.

And yet somehow, they manage to do it all so stylishly.

This month, from the 31st of May to the 11th of June, Palace Cinemas are hosting their 2019 German Film Festival, where they are showcasing up to five treasurable German films per day and almost thirty different films in total.

A broad array of productions, both classic and arthouse, are being showcased at the festival. Well-known historical dramas such as Mack the Knife, Balloon and The Captain will feature multiple times, while satirical favourites such as 100 Things are also scheduled for appearance.

The films on offer span genres, time periods, themes and even countries, showing just how varied German film culture can be despite the common assumption that German art unerringly reflects the country’s dark history (which is so often what characterises it as a nation in the eyes of those less educated on Germany’s other fascinating traits). Although there are, of course, several films that illustrate Europe’s violent past, others are focused on everything from espionage and Middle Eastern terrorism to middle age, travel, and romance.

Now is the time to book your tickets before Palace’s 2019 German Film Festival ends on the 11th of June. These critically-acclaimed films should be treasured by national and international viewers alike, for they are not only representative of German culture, but of all of us.


What: German Film Festival 2019
Where: Palace Cinemas
When: 31 May – 11 June 2019
Tickets: Click here for tickets
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