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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 2, 2020

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Pantones Pick | The Summer'15 Palette

Pantones Pick | The Summer’15 Palette

| On 16, Nov 2014

Pantone has just released their Top 10 women’s colours for  Spring/ Summer 15. Straight from the collections and runways of Paris, New York and Milan these are the most covetable fashion colours du jour.


1. Aquamarine: Cool and calm, aquamarine is the softest shade of blue. Gentle and pure this is the colour of fluffy clouds in a clear sky. This colour works great in a sheer fabric and is great as a softer alternative to brighter blues. Like a floaty, soft, cooling summer breeze aquamarine is the perfect pastel this summer season.


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2. Scuba Blue: Following on from the scuba fabric popularity, Scuba blue arises thoughts of crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. This one is a little brighter then pantones other picks. Light and lively this is the perfect choice for anyone desiring a splash of colour.


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3. Lucite Green: More ethereal than earthy, Lucite green is as pretty as the name sounds, a colour that is truly luxurious. This colour is perfect on alabaster skin due to its soft nostalgic nature. The say make sure you get in your greens, so if you’re sick of the daily kale and cucumber juice this is your best bet.




4. Classic Blue: Classic Blue and the French Riviera go hand in hand for us, so there’s no need for any more convincing of why to work this into a summer wardrobe. Not only reserved for sailors, this is known as an anchoring colour, meaning it works well teamed with almost any other on the pantone palette. The always classic Breton stripe is the easiest way to work this look, however classic blue works well in suiting, it’s less harsh than black creating a more feminine look and is always chic.


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5. Toasted Almond: As it’s the colour of sand this is the perfect colour to work into any summer wardrobe. Another one for the tonal ladies out there, Toasted Almond is a raw and organic hue. It’s coastal vibes make it the perfect accompaniment to your vacation wardrobe. This natural colour acts as an instant sun-kiss on all those looking to relax, rest & rejuvenate over the warmer months.


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6. Strawberry Ice: Pretty in Pink, this colour adds all the prettiness of this feminine colour without the harsh candy pink colour which should more often than not be left to bubble gum colouring. This hue will instantly lighten any mood adding an aura of playfulness to any outfit. Fresh and Fun, Strawberry Ice is best accompanied with a matching strawberry daiquiri in hand.


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7. Tangerine: A warming orange tone, Tangerine is softer than your average orange making it more flattering and more versatile. Try working this colour into your look as accents as, due to its soft nature this colour wont dominate a total look.






8. Custard: Calming and Comforting, This pretty pastel is feminine and flirty, reminiscent of hazy summer afternoons. This colour works perfectly for a summer dress or cute cami working slightly better on those sporting a natural or faux glow.



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9. Marsala: Marsala = muted maroon. It’s softer, more feminine and luckily for us Brisbane girls is less Broncos and more Balenciaga, phew! Named after a fortified wine this colour is great for the festive season and even better paired with gold accoutrement for an evening event.


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10. Glacier Grey: As the name suggests, glacier grey lends itself to minimalism, sports luxe and city chic. The perfect hue for the girl who prefers a tonal palette this colour covers all bases from casual to corporate and is a easy look to pull off. Pair with white to freshen the grey for a summer vibe of clean lines and sleek minimalism.


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All images sourced from Pinterest.