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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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Party (decoration) Time!

Matilda Butler

This year I faced the mammoth task of providing my mother with a day, not to be forgotten. This day just happened to amount to be a mile-stone in her life, resulting in a celebration of the days lived and the days to come. Yes, her birthday. I won’t disclose her age (25 = x, where x is multiplied by 2 to find the truth), but as I said the pressure was on. So what’s a poor university student to do for the woman who wants everything in the Myers catalogue? Well, I bought her Jamie Oliver’s “15 Minute Meals”, wrapped it up real nice and hoped to distract her from the lack of gifts with a visual overload of decorations. To my grudging siblings’ disgust, it was a hit – no wait it was THE hit of the day. So if birthday-on-a-budget is your only option for the ones you love, educate yourself on the art of decoration.

Birthday Bunting


Admittedly, this was my sister’s idea and mostly her creation. She’s a little genius that one. The overall look was perfect. We were able to get simplistic subtlety to meet celebratory significance with hundreds of little paper triangles and string.

What you’ll need:

Scissors, string, butchers paper and sticky tape.

What you’ll do:

1. Spy out the space you’ll be decorating and measure out how much string you’ll need for each line of bunting.

2. Fold the butchers paper together multiple times and cut out triangles by the dozen (much quicker this way).

3. Tape the triangles onto the string, evenly spaced.

4. Tie or tape the bunting in your party room. Voila!

Flowers Galore


Who wouldn’t feel special sitting at this table? I’m telling you, for majority of women out there, receiving flowers says a lot more than just “Happy Birthday!”. Some may comment on how corny that is, but it is the delicate, softly-scented truth. So get frivolous and put them everywhere! You might see in the previous photo a bunch of lilies on the table, well there was also another bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench. I’m no florist nor am I a great ironer (observe the crinkled table cloth), but the overall effect is very pretty. The idea is to present something to the eyes that is different, unexpected and unique – something they just have to remember.

For my next blog, I will introduce you to the art of card making. I’ll share a few tips on how to make a simple card the most special one anyone has ever received. For now, get decorating!