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Pitchi: A New Way to Sell Online

Pitchi: A New Way to Sell Online

| On 10, Mar 2015

Forget walls of descriptive text and endless listings of the same product; Pitchi is a new video-based sales and entrepreneurship platform that seeks to allow buyers to discover and interact with emerging sellers like never before.  

Pitchi finds its niche, offering an intuitive and stylistic approach to pitching your product(s) online with a single 60-second video, where the onus is on the seller to show off and tell their story about their products or themselves in an engaging way.

“Our aim is that each and every Pitchi video is a tool for the empowerment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone that makes a pitchi video should be proud of what they have for sale. Everyone that buys from a pitchi video will know the story of where that item came fromand can appreciate the true value of what they have bought.” –Pitchi Creative Team

Pitchi Video Tiles

The site itself is as sleek and creative as its sales philosophy, offering a robust search function and a rich discovery feature that warmly invites hours of scrolling and watching. Pitchi’s service is great for single-item sales, but excels as a sales platform for entrepreneurs and designers that have products that they’ve personally created.

Its social-media connectivity encourages great ideas to be passed along the internet grapevine to otherwise oblivious consumers. A site algorithm determines the size of each video thumbnail on the discover, and search tabs, meaning that not only a great product, but a clever and engaging marketer can really capitalise on their internet real-estate.

 Pitchi is rooted in the weekend-market approach to sales, in which the most important thing is the connection between creator and consumer. Taking notes from Vine and Instagram, whose limited video length formula has forced some incredible creativity and comedy, the 60-second restriction for  Pitchi brings out only what is crucial to the product’s sale.Pitchi Video

 Versus the typical online shopping text-heavy approach, Pitchi’s short video requirement makes the marketing process more engaging, more personal, more accurate of the product, and hopefully more successful for sellers and consumer alike.

 Pitchi is also passionate about supporting emerging designers and sellers through the Pitchi blog, a handy resource for budding entrepreneurs that features upcoming Australian sellers and entrepreneurs and inspirational stories of how they managed to turn their ideas into reality.

Pitchi Details


The Details:

What Pitchi: a new way to sell online

Where At the official website here.

When Pitchi is currently live in its beta state, however is fully functional and free for anyone wishing to use the site.

More Information At the Pitchi ‘about’ page here.