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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 14, 2021

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Out of This World Clothes - PLANET HOSTILE INTERVIEW

Out of This World Clothes – PLANET HOSTILE INTERVIEW

| On 15, Oct 2016

The Creative Issue sat down with the quirky, Clair Emery, the designer behind, Planet Hostile to discuss Bratz dolls, sewing at her Grandma’s place and all those questions you usually ask creative people.


TCI: What is Planet Hostile and where did the name originate from?

Clair Emery: Well, it has always been my Instagram name, then I started making things and people were saying, “You should probably call that something”. So I copied my personal account and made it the name of my label.

TCI: So how did it all start? Have you always enjoyed creating things?

CE: Yeah I used to sew when I was little, making clothes for my dolls because I didn’t like the outfits that came with them.

TCI: But the Bratz dolls outfits were pretty decent though?

CE: Mmm, well…yeah, the shoes were amazing! But some of there outfits definitely needed an adjustment. Anyway, then I moved out of home and didn’t have any equipment, so I purchased some and then started again.


TCI: Did you just use your mum’s sewing machine when you were little?

CE: I actually used to go to my Grandma’s house and sew! 

TCI: That’s so cute. So what were you doing before Planet Hostile initially kicked off?

CE: I was studying creative and professional writing. In a sense University ruined some creative ideas that I was stirring up. Then I graduated from uni, got some sewing machines and decided to fulfil that passion instead.

TCI: Would you say you’re into using recycled fabrics?  

CE: Pretty much everything I make from thrifted fabrics that I re-dye, paint on them and make them more interesting if I can’t find funky things.

TCI: And what do you think inspires you the most with your label?

CE: I think every artist ever hates that question. Ah, just fun stuff.

TCI: My apologies, I think that was a question I typed up at 1am or something.

CE: Totally fine! I think that’s the sort of question that everyone has to ask just in case someone has a rad response to it. Which I don’t ha-ha.


TCI: What’s your favourite item you’ve made so far?

CE: It was one of the first things I painted roses on. It was just like a vintage, thick pink denim shirt. I really liked it and I was so on the fence about selling it, however I knew someone would buy in immediately. So off it went – sold in two days.

TCI: Ah, such a shame because it was the original piece! What’s your favourite part about the creative process?  

CE: The best feeling ever is when something is finished. When you’ve thought about it thinking, ‘that’s rad – I’d like to try that’. Then you find yourself at the ironing board cutting all the threads off and it turns out the way you planned. It’s perfect.

Check out Planet Hostile on Etsy, RAW Artists or Instagram. 

Image Credit: Clair Emery, georgiawallacepictorial