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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 24, 2021

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Pop till you drop – QUT’s Fleet Store

Pop till you drop – QUT’s Fleet Store

| On 29, Aug 2013

First established in 2010, The Fleet Store is a student-run initiative that has enabled the students of the Fine Arts Fashion and Business double degree to apply their in house knowledge gained across three and a half years of study to a real-world business venture.

The Fleet Store also gives Brisbane designers the chance to sell their collections in a casual environment with let’s say, more empathic, fashion critics to judge them.

This years Fleet has stocked labels including House of Cards, Amy Chen, Neptune, Flynn, SOOT, 1989 and Oak and Hide.

And boys, if your feeling a little left out – don’t; because your being catered for this year too with ever classy, tailored pieces from Elvrik.

If you didn’t think QUT could get anymore innovative with their extra curricular events, the Fleet Store have bought all this to you, within the four tin walls of a shipping container.

Soot The Label

Soot The Label

The lady who made it all possible is this years Fleeting manager, Sarah Matulin.

CD: Why is it named so?

Sarah: Because of the fleeting nature of a pop-up store.

CD: Since inception how has it grown?

Sarah: As far number of people involved, it varies year to year; we had
16 students this year that were involved with the project. Sponsorship also varies each time. In 2010 they had to get sponsored to pay for rent. Last year it was at Gardens Point so there was no need for funds for ‘renting’. This year we decided to do it in a shipping container because we thought pop-up stores were almost so done and we wanted to bring something fresh and new to the concept. We were fully sponsored by POD’s and the CI, CEA and Business School provided us with funds that could pay a Fleet Store manager a wage.

CD: What does the fleet store mean to you?

Sarah: It’s been a very valuable experience for me. I have learnt the magic of teamwork!

CD: How have you seen it help the fashion industry?

Sarah: The project is beneficial to both the double degree students organising Fleet and to the student designers. It gives the double degree students the opportunity to exercise the skills that they have learnt in both their business degree and their fashion degree in a ‘real world’ setting. It is also a great opportunity for student designers to get their label out to the public without the overhead costs. For some students it is the first time they have their labels out for the public. It is a learning curve for them as they get feedback and can test their commercial viability.

CD: What is the future of the Fleet Store?

Sarah: Each consecutive cohort sets a precedent for the next year to continue the strengthening legacy of the project. We try and do something new each year and this year we introduced an online store.


Elvrik The Label

Elvrik The Label

1989 The Label

1989 The Label

What: The Fleet Store

Where: Creative Indstries Precinct, QUT Kelvin Grove 

When: Ends Friday 30th August at 6pm