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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Pourboy Espresso

Lyneta Darlington

As a cafe junkie who has recently checked into the rehab facility known as Goodlife Health Clubs, I have  found myself wandering the city confused, sweaty and slightly smelly in search of my next post-workout fix.

Enter Pourboy Espresso.

Located on Wharf St, a manageably short stroll from Queen St, Pourboy is a tidy establishment with a satisfying range of traditional breakfast & lunch options.

Upon arrival I was slightly intimidated by the sea of professionals with their ironed clothing and impeccable personal hygiene, however the friendly staff alleviated my fears and seemed to realise the urgency in my voice.

After ordering the obligatory coffee, avo and poached eggs on toast, I only managed to read page 2 of the paper before my coffee arrived and was not past page 4 when the meal was delivered.

Cappuccino at Pourboy Espresso

Cappuccino at Pourboy Espresso

The coffee was smooth and the heaven’s sang when I sliced into two perfectly poached eggs that oozed over nearly a whole avocado.

The essential breakfast; poached eggs & avo on toast.

The essential breakfast; poached eggs & avo on toast.

I could only fault the lack of salt and pepper available to season my dish; all good avocado must come with a liberal application of both.

However I’m sure this could have been easily rectified if I hadn’t inhaled the dish quicker than a instructor’s pace at boot camp.

After the feast I relaxed and read the rest of the paper, never feeling rushed or in the way of other customers.

Pourboy also offers an extensive range of coffee options, so while I’m a self-confessed coffee novice who just loves a good cappuccino, pour-overs, aeropress, and cold drips are all available for those with a more refined palate.

At $21.50 for 2 coffees (1 reg/1 large – It was a busy day!) and a meal, Pourboy was a pleasant and affordable dining experience, sure to satisfy any cafe cravings.

The details:

Where: 26 Wharf St  Brisbane City QLD 4000

(07) 3172 1141

When: Mon – Fri 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

How much: $ 3.50 – $4 for coffee, $10 – 18 for food.