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Pre-Loved Treasures at Bent Books

Pre-Loved Treasures at Bent Books

| On 24, Aug 2014

Hard to pass by with its cheerful blue, red and yellow exterior, Bent Books’ interior is equally as aesthetically pleasing. For over fifteen years, this quaint and quirky second-hand bookshop has offered West End locals and visitors the chance to lose hours  trawling through new and old titles at unpassable prices. 

With each step, the floorboards underfoot creak, adding to the second-hand feeling. With the genocide of Pol Pot to your left and international fashion icon Audrey Hepburn to your right, you’ll feel spoiled for choice.

The shelves are occupied by tens of thousands of pre-loved books, including an entire section dedicated to the Lonely Planet travel guides. Instead of purchasing your travel book from a printing warehouse, you’ll be giving these second-hand copies another visit to their favourite destinations. From science fiction to politics, crime to erotica, Bent Books offers something for everyone with their diverse collection.

bent books

 There is nothing quite like getting comfortable and settling into a good book, indulging in that familiar musty scent as you turn the pages. There is something even more special knowing that someone else has immersed themselves in that book before you. Purchasing a book with a stranger’s birthday dedication penned in the upper corner of the front page is enough to enthuse that warm and fuzzy feeling. You are sharing a memory as well as a story.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing read, a compelling autobiography or just a sticky beak, you will always discover unsuspected surprises hiding amongst the shelves. If you’re a university student, the impressive selection of classic literature and history books on offer will have you saving big time.

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Bent Books offer a trade system in which you can trade a current book in for a different one, so you will always have unlimited reads at your fingertips. You will go for the books but stay for the friendly conversation with the welcoming staff that make you feel as though you could gush about your favourite stories all day.

Bent Books is open seven days a week and is located on the corner of Boundary and Vulture streets in West End.

Oh, and the books here do not live up to the shop’s name; they are all in wonderful condition.

Images from Bent Books’ own Facebook