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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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PREMIERE: DANII Unveils ‘Out Of My Mind’ Video

PREMIERE: DANII Unveils ‘Out Of My Mind’ Video
Reece Dargie

In DANII’s latest music video, the Brisbane artist greets her inner-saboteur donning mantlets and blindfolds. Following the barren imagery that graces the artwork and lyric video, director Harry White closes in on her mind by embracing the restrictive nature of these garments.

‘Out Of My Mind’ has been fifteen years in the making, with the haunting melody finding its resting place in redirected thoughts of self-doubt. Plenty of life lessons have come to DANII since that melody came to her as a teenager, but it didn’t stop her from finding inspiration in all different forms – be it dance, visual art, or the darker themes found in the BANKS and Karnivool discographies.

I envisioned this video representing the anxiety, self-doubt and struggles in my mind. There is light and dark which shows that it isn’t always bad. But in the end if you don’t take back control, it will eventually catch up with you and completely consume you.” – DANII


DANII Press Shot


TCI: After revisiting the bones of OOMM after fifteen years and initially giving up on music, music seems like an obvious life-long passion for you. Why do you think you originally talked yourself out of pursuing music?

DANII: It was a number of things really; self-doubt, a toxic relationship; lack of knowledge and experience. Mostly I was really naive and thought that everything I was doing at the time was enough to get noticed. Looking back, I had no idea that I was doing the absolute least! Growing up I was constantly told to have a back-up plan and career to fall back on if music doesn’t work out. And so when I wasn’t what I envisioned as “successful”, I thought it was time to pursue that full-time job, house and two kids kind of life.

TCI: How do you make it to the finish line with thoughts of self-doubt? What drives you to make it past the initial demos to the actual release?

D: For me there is no real end to the self-doubt. It is always there. I just need to overcome it and drown it out with self-rewarding thoughts. For every negative thought, I need to equal that with positive affirmations. It sounds trivial, but you need to do it – and it works!
My need to create and perform is what really drives me. I cannot leave things unfinished anymore. And I am actually a happy and positive person!


DANII Press Shot


TCI: You’ve previously claimed to be an over-thinker and that “DANII” is the persona to simplify your thoughts. Is DANII like a super-suit you hop into when you need to kick some ass?

D: Absolutely. I LOVE performing and singing because I am in control of the story, and it’s like that full circle moment from demo to stage. It’s an experience like no other. And I want to encourage others to pursue their dreams no matter who or what tells them that they can’t.

TCI: There’s a frightening low age-cutoff to make music (supposedly), and I imagine that contributed to some of the self-doubts that inspired this release. Do you think “too old” is a real setback, or has the music industry matured past that idea?

D: I think back in the day it certainly was and to some extent it still exists in mainstream music. But I like to think the world is becoming more accepting and diverse than ever before. We still have a long way to go, but I find nowadays that the music industry, especially independent music is more about the actual music rather than someone’s age, gender, disability, or colour of the skin. At least that’s how it is for me. And that is the kind of environment that I want to create with my music and those that listen to my music.



‘Out Of My Mind’ is out now and available everywhere.

Find DANII on Facebook and Instagram.

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