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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2020

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Premiere: These Guy Enlist Brisbane Icon for 'Scrimby' Music Video

Premiere: These Guy Enlist Brisbane Icon for ‘Scrimby’ Music Video
Julia Bates

These Guy deliver a loitering masterclass in the music video for their latest single, ‘Scrimby’, starring Brisbane’s iconic McWhirters building.

Anyone who has visited the heart of Fortitude Valley during the day can vouch that it’s a surreal experience. Once the sun is up, Brisbane’s nightlife district is alarmingly vacant and quiet. The set for ‘Scrimby’, the heritage listed McWhirters building, is the perfect embodiment of the eerie daytime Valley atmosphere.

‘Scrimby’ (released September 19) evokes a feeling of the uncanny — something familiar, but also slightly off kilter. Hip-hop inspired beats blend with synth to create a dazed effect, and the music video takes it a step further.

Shot with assistance from videographer Lica Rezenda, the music video for ‘Scrimby’ has a distinctly DIY feel that pairs well with the band’s approach to production. In the clip, the Brisbane quartet occupy the department-store-turned-shopping-centre as street hustler characters.



The result is a strange dystopian feel evoked by the contrast between McWhirters’ interior mundanity and exterior grandeur. Front man Joe Saxby reveals that the band have wanted to shoot a music video in McWhirters for a while, and when ‘Scrimby’ came along it felt like the perfect fit.

“As a setting for ‘Scrimby’, it just has that perfect purgatorial quality, which I think we managed to capture and you probably don’t need any context to feel. Conceptually, that’s the same territory ‘Scrimby’ lives in – a weird ‘neither-here-nor-there’ kind of space. It talks about a psychological nether-zone – a state of paralysis from indecision or anxiety or whatever your unique problem might be, which the void at the heart of McWhirters helps to convey.”

The video is release tomorrow morning so sit back, relax and prepare yourself for some bizarre shopping centre shenanigans.

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