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Primal Pantry

Primal Pantry

| On 27, Jun 2013

MenuThey tell us “you are what you eat”. But should it really be “you eat what you are”?

That’s the message from the creators of the latest food trend to hit Brisbane’s dining scene, the Paleo diet.

The theory is a simple one: We humans are simply not genetically engineered to eat many of the foods that now line our supermarket aisles. Processed foods, grains, refined sugars and even dairy – those things that emerged 10,000 years ago as part of the agricultural revolution – are to be avoided. The diets of our cavemen ancestors (hence, its ‘Paleo’ namesake), comprising fresh meats and produce, are believed to hold the key to good health.

It is an approach to eating that has been embraced by Tenneriffe’s new Primal Pantry.

On a sunny winter Monday morning, the place is a surprising hive of activity. Young parents drink coconut water smoothies with their kids in tow; three surfer-types proclaim the virtues of Primal Pantry’s “clean eating” concept with surprising earnestness; groups of twenty-somethings meet up for an early lunch to kick-start their week. Word of the new cafe bistro appears to have spread fast.

The food is simple and tasty, a reflection of the philosophy that underpins its menu. A display cabinet contains a rare beef salad alongside chicken-stuffed mushrooms. The servings are large and, unlike so many other restaurants, generous in their servings of protein. Vegetarian options are available, however the lack of carbohydrates available may leaves them unsatisfied..

The coffees are good too and are thank-fully one of the few items exempt from the non-dairy Paleo criteria that features on the cafe’s menu.Other options include a lovely bacon and Brussels sprout salad and a good-looking bowl of hot meatballs.

Chicken Salad

Primal Pantry’s decor is light. Seating in outside underneath large, shady sails and green ‘turf’ adds to its overall hipster feel. An open kitchen means customers can sticky beak at all the delicious morsels being whipped up inside and be confident that their meals are made fresh to order. Cute recipe cards hang from the ceiling and are free to take as inspiration for Paleo cooking at home.

The diet may be as old as time, but Primal Pantry is certainly not. A fresh new concept which, thanks to its emphasis on creating healthy, delicious food, means its unlikely to die out anytime soon.

P.S Keep an eye out for The Paleo Cafe that is rumoured to be opening in Paddington sometime soon!


What? Primal Pantry

Where? Teneriffe Village, Cnr Florence & Macquarie St, Teneriffe 4005

When? Open Monday to Sunday, 7am – 3pm

More info? Visit Primal Pantry’s website.