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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 26, 2020

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The Queensland Literary Awards Regain Funding

The Queensland Literary Awards Regain Funding

| On 23, May 2015

The Queensland Literary Awards are back, and this year so is their funding! After several long years in the wilderness, the state’s major literature prize is finally seeing some cold, hard cash from the people in power—and if you’re a writer with a published or unpublished manuscript, that is a welcome sight indeed.

The Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards were infamously stripped of their funding when Campbell Newman took office in 2012, and have been running on a heady mix of people power, high profile volunteers and external sponsorship ever since. Last year, a government supported fellowship program (accompanied by a slightly bewildered Minister for the Arts) was added to the mix.

This year, however, the newly instated Labor government have recommitted to the Queensland Arts sector, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s announcing that the Queensland Government will match sponsor and partnership funding for the Awards up to $125,000. This brings the total (potential) prize pool to a very serious $300,000 annually.


QLA 2015 2


There was some talk of whether the newly instated Labor Government would actually re-fund the Awards, or if they would quietly take the LNP created ‘savings’, but the Arts appear have won out in the end. This new funding is still predicated on the Awards gaining their own sponsorship, but they’re certainly good at that, and it’s a great deal better than no funding at all.

Additionally, Palaszczuk has announced the inauguration of two new awards, to the value of $12,500 each—The Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Awards, for writers aged 18 –30. The Government will also continue to sponsor the three the Queensland Writers Fellowships, each to the value of $20,000.


Last year's winners.

Last year’s winners.


The Queensland Literary Awards are now open for entries, from both published and emerging authors across ten categories, so if you think you’ve got a winning manuscript on your hands, or you’re a published author (particularly a young published author!) who would like to get on in this rarity of government funded arts, you have until the 19th of June to make a submission.

And even if you’ve never picked up a pen, renewed support for the Awards should be a heartening sight. Not only does it paint a rosier future for literature in our state, it demonstrates that (despite what the other capitals might say) there is a creative community of serious significance and pull in Queensland, and it’s doing great work.


For more information head to the QLA website here.


Image Credits: Queensland Literary Awards Official Facebook