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Queensland Symphony Orchestra Announce 2016 Program

Queensland Symphony Orchestra Announce 2016 Program

| On 19, Aug 2015

In an evening of music, laughter and a surprising number of puns, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra announced their 2016 season, Beautiful Escapes, laying out a year that has something for every taste.

With the room brimming with guest artists, industry representatives, patrons and, of course, the Orchestra themselves, Attorney General George Brandis was a curious choice to break the first details of a new season. Perhaps wisely avoiding places where large groups of arts-funding advocates congregate, he made the announcement via a video link that resembled nothing so much as a proof-of-life scenario, continually glancing at his notes and giving the general impression he wasn’t entirely sure who Beethoven was.

Beneath the fumbling, however, was news of a strong and vibrant season: one encompassing the contemporary and the classical, spanning the city and the country, heralding the return of QSO favourites and revealing exciting new plans.


QSO2016 2


The contemporary program was off to a strong start with the arrival of international beat-boxing star, Tom Thum, who gave audiences a sample of his one-man-orchestra mouth. Already collaborating with QSO for Brisbane Festival this year, Thum is returning as part of QSOCurrent in 2016. Self-professed “conductor-at-large”, Guy Noble, donned a fetching fedora to announce Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark as next year’s Live in Concert film. And over in City Hall, the WorldBeat program will make itself heard with Year of the Monkey, (Not) The Last Night of the Proms and Bella Italia! concerts.

In more traditional waters, QSO welcomes a slew of guest artists to its stages next year. Key among them is 2016’s Soloist-in-Residence, Nikolai Demidenko, with a truly ambitious program of Beethoven piano concertos. Meanwhile, guest conductors Jessica Cottis, Alondra de la Parra, Simone Young and Yu Long will lead QSO Plays concerts in Mahler, Tchaik and Mozart. Perhaps the biggest crowd-pleaser of the night, however, was the announcement that superstar pianist Lang Lang would be helming the mid-season gala, news which was met with delighted murmurs from the stalls.


QSO 2016 6


On top of this incredible feast for the ears, QSO are of course returning their much-loved Maestro, Morning Masterworks, Music on Sundays and Chamber Players series. With such rich offerings, it’s hard to know what to book first and impossible to doubt that QSO is indeed an “Orchestra for every Queenslander”.


For more information or tickets, head to QSO’s website here.


Image Credits: Christian Tiger and QSO Official.