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Quibi: Australia’s Newest Streaming Service

Quibi: Australia’s Newest Streaming Service

| On 18, Aug 2020

Are you tired of being enabled by Netflix, with its long list of long content that seduces you into consecutive binge-watching sessions? Try Quibi, the streaming service that’ll give you big stories in quick bites.

Quibi was initially launched in America way back in 2018 by DreamWorks co-founder Jeffery Katzenberg. Fittingly, with its innovative format and imaginative (but still gimmicky) turnstyle mode gimmick, the streaming platform almost sounds like it’s out of a DreamWorks movie.

Because it has been available in America for two years, Quibi has a host of big-name celebrities staring in its shows. This includes, but is not limited to, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Turner, and Thor’s brother Liam Hemsworth.

On their website, Quibi proudly proclaims, “Quick bites. Big Stories.” With star-studded shows that only last 10 minutes, the platform certainly lives up to its motto.

These movie-quality shows are specifically designed to be watched on your phone. In fact, each show is so carefully designed for mobiles that Quibi is only available on smartphones. This might seem like a massive con, but it’s actually a testament to the app’s previously mentioned turnstyle gimmick. All shows on Quibi are shot in both vertical and horizontal format, which means that viewers can easily swap between each orientation.

It’s nice of Katzenberg to take into consideration the different ways audiences consume content. Even long-established services like YouTube don’t offer an equally aesthetic portrait view as its landscape option.

However, where turnstyle mode really innovates is how it lets audiences cycle through different camera angles while watching Quibi’s 10-minute installments. This interactive experience is unparalleled in other streaming services. It’s similar, but not the same, as Netflix’s choose-your-own-adventure content in that it gives the viewer storytelling responsibility.

The only thing I can think of that compares to Quibi’s turnstyle mode’s camera angle swaps is the videogame mechanic of switching from bird’s-eye, first-person, and over-the-shoulder perspectives. The effect is similar too: it doesn’t impact where the story goes but how the viewer experiences it.

I’m not sure why it took so long for Quibi to make its way Down Under, but it’s a great addition to Australia’s ever-expanding pantheon of streaming services. The best part? Quibi is available in Australia for free. However, if you want the ad-free version, you’ll have to pay $6.99 a month.

Images Credit: MovieStillsDB