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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 18, 2021

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Raave Tapes’ Joab Discusses MGVC and New Music

Raave Tapes’ Joab Discusses MGVC and New Music
Taylor Furby

Raave Tapes are one of the headliners of Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (MGVC) this Saturday and we had a chat with Joab Eastley ahead of the show.

Traveling up from Newcastle, Raave Tapes have branded themselves as “sparkly dance punk” and aren’t ones to miss this weekend. Although they’re not from Brisbane, they seem to be here every other month and their following has grown with each show. This is why they’re one of the headliners at this year’s MGVC alongside IV League. Check out our chat with Joab where we discuss all things new music and Raave Tapes’ plan for this Saturday night.

The Creative Issue: You guys played Best Night Ever with Dune Rats at the end of last year, how was that?

Joab Eastley: That was wild. The venue was insane, the Night Quarter is enormous. It’s like The Triffid but big and open. That whole big aircraft hanger looking thing. It was nice and the whole vibe was really nice. Maz, from WAAX, just kept calling it a work Christmas party because it was just all friends there. It was a really nice vibe backstage. It was very warm and welcoming. Going out into the crowd, there were a lot of young kids there because it was all ages. They were just so excited by everything. We haven’t played many all ages shows so it was a nice atmosphere.

TCI: Do you have some more music in the works?

JE: We’ve got a single that will hopefully drop before Mountain Goat Valley Crawl. If not, hopefully sometime around that. It’s very imminent. We’ve got the single ready to go and it’s from the EP. We’ve got the EP semi-recorded but the single’s done, shot the film clip the other day. Got all our press shots done. We’ve got things lined up and ready to go. Just waiting on all the machinations behind it to come to fruition.

TCI: Where do you draw inspiration for your songs?

JE: All over the shop. But with the stuff we stick to at the moment. We sort of talk about social issues around things we do. The whole partying scene and that kind of stuff. We like to have a beer and relax with our friends but we’re into letting people know you can do that without being a dickhead.   You can be socially conscious and yeah, there’s a lot of different things we talk about. A lot of our stuff we write the music first then we put lyrics to it.

TCI: Who are your biggest influences?

JE: Me personally, the whole mid-2000s bands are a big thing for me so there’s Bloc Party. Lewis is a big Bloc Party fan as well. Linsday has a big American flavour to her music with a lot of stuff from across the pond. I know they both love Cherry Glazer. We’re quite varied, a lot of Australian music as well.

TCI: How do you prepare for shows like MGVC?

JE: We practice quite a bit. We like to keep our shows pretty tight. We’ll pick out a set list, figure out how long we’ve got to play. We’ll just play it from front to back a heap of nights in a row to make sure we can play it with our eyes closed. We’re pretty boisterous on stage, we like to jump around like idiots. So we’ve gotta make sure we can do it with our eyes closed. I think the main way we prepare is make sure we’re ready to see all of our friends because there’s so many nice bands on that lineup. It’s exciting. We’ve already planned a nice big lunch because we fly in at midday. We’re gonna have lunch with some of our friends so we’ve already organised what we’re gonna do afterwards. We’re very organised. Organisation is key. There’s so many bands so I’m excited for the set times to come out so we can actually plan our day. There’s a lot of bands on the lineup so clashes are a scary thing with this many venues.

TCI: Are there any other artists that you’re keen to see at MGVC?

JE: Literally everybody. Cry Club, Sports Bra, Sleep Club, Keeskea. I love Vanessa so much. Me and my girlfriend were up the coast on holiday and Vanessa was down in Newcastle to visit her partner. She was driving back up to Brisbane so she stopped in and we had a beach day together. They’re just all of our Brisbane bands. Oh Sunscreen are coming as well. It’s a big party. I haven’t seen IV League before, they’re one of those bands that we played BIGSOUND with them but they were playing at a similar time so we didn’t get to see them. We saw them at the airport from a distance and I wanted to say hi but we couldn’t because we had to go. It’ll be nice to hang out with those nice people.

TCI: It sounds like it’s going to be a big day.

JE: Very big day. It usually is when we get up to Brisbane.

TCI: Why should people come and see you? What can they expect?

JE: Don’t. Go see our friends, I don’t care just have a good time. You do you. If you want to come I’ll be more that happy to have you and I’ll give you a big hug afterwards but if you don’t that’s fine. Just do what you need to do.

TCI: What does 2019 have in store for you guys?

JE: Heaps of new music which is exciting. We haven’t released much in ages. We released three songs in two years so this year we’re gonna release a lot more than that. It’s exciting to have some stuff ready to go and put that stuff out. We’ll be doing a lot of tours and probably coming up to Brisbane a lot more times because we seem to come there every month or so at this point.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for Raave Tapes so watch this space and check them out at The Zoo at 11:45.

Instagram: @raave_tapes
Twitter: @raave_tapes

What: Mountain Goat Valley Crawl 2019
Where: Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
When: Saturday, February 16th 2019
How Much: Free entry
Website: link to website
More Info: 18+ event

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