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Red Deer Music Festival's Best Year So Far

Red Deer Music Festival’s Best Year So Far

| On 04, Oct 2017

Red Deer is next Saturday and you’ll be talking about this year’s festival for at least another year.

Red Deer Festival is a recent addition to South East Queensland festival scene and is located on an acreage on Mount Samson. They describe the festival as a huge house party with all your mates and if that’s the case, your mate has made some killer connections to get this year’s line-up.

Last year’s line-up was headlined by Art vs Science and The Jungle Giants but the organisers have stepped it up this year. This year’s extensive line-up includes the likes of The Preatures, The Kite String Tangle, Shag Rock, Lamalo, Mayhem for Mary, Tiarne and Pink Matter to just name a few. The festival is filled with big Australian acts with a taste small local acts.

This is their seventh year and not only do they have this amazing line-up, they’ve got a range of activities to boot. These activities include workshops, a sack race, fashions on the field and a third stage that features open mic, arts, culture and comedy. So there’s plenty to do on the off chance that the line-up doesn’t tickle your fancy all day.


Possibly the best part of Red Deer, second to the line-up, is the BYO booze and couches because every knows the worst thing about music festivals is the expensive alcohol and finding someone to sit.

Back to the music, this year is massive with the headlining and smaller acts but what makes this year so different? We asked a few of the bands why people will be talking about their Red Deer set for the next year and got some pretty good responses.

Mayhem for Mary have promised to memorable with their alt-rock set, “People associate alternative rock with electric guitars, but they’ll remember the band that changes their perception forever, using bass, drums and vocals to create beat driven, groove infused Mayhem!”

Shag Rock boasted their ability to chug choccy milk, “Because we all downed a litre choccy milk each whilst standing on stage. Not one of us spewed and Cav our bassist kicked a footy into a lighting rig because he just couldn’t wait till he got off stage for a kick.”

Lamalo are bringing the vibes to their set, “Our live performances deliver an energy and sound which infuses so many influences over years of dedicated music practise. Red Deer will find it hard not to vibe the unique electronic waves hitting their eardrums.”


If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house for the weekend and hang out with your mates, this is it. Based on these answers alone, Red Deer is sure to make waves next Saturday. There are still tickets available which you can get here. You can also follow Red Deer on Facebook here.


What: Red Deer Festival

Where: 291 Foggs Rd, Mount Samson QLD 4520

When: Saturday, October 14 at 9am to Sunday, October 15

How Much: $89 for day ticket, $125 for ticket including overnight camping

Websitelink to website

More Info: BYO

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