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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2021

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Respite feeds blind man's sleeping addiction

Respite feeds blind man’s sleeping addiction

| On 15, Aug 2013

Respite follows the story of Dominic, a blind man suffering depression and insomnia.

However, when he finally dreams for the first time, he can see everything and becomes addicted to sleeping pills.

Writer-director, Jason Fitzgerald

Writer-director, Jason Fitzgerald. Image: Jason Fitzgerald.

Writer-director Jason Fitzgerald said the idea ‘popped’ in his head one day and wouldn’t go away.

“I remember toying with the visuals of Dominic’s nightmares and dreams early on and developing the story from there,” he said.

To help authenticate the script, Vision Australia has introduced an orthoptist and blind man, Jack Murphy, to Jason.

Jack is somewhat like a script consultant, but often goes above and beyond that title.

“Just recently actually, [Jack] took Will out on a blind expedition to help him learn what it was like,” Jason said.

The concept of a blind man seeing in his dreams is so unique, Jason intends to shoot Respite as a “sort of audio-visual poem.”

“The film will comprise of Dominic’s stark, grey reality from which he’s trying to escape, vivid and wondrous dreamscapes, and the frenzied nightmares that he must suffer through in order to dream,” Jason said.

Will Kelly will be playing the role of Dominic.

Will Kelly will play blind man, Dominic

Will Kelly will play blind man, Dominic. Image: Will Kelly.

“He’s going a little bit method in his preparation for portraying a blind man, which is quite entertaining,” Jason said.

Jason is excited to film; there are certain scenes that are more involved that he cannot wait to bring to life.

“I’m not really dreading anything,” he said.

“There’s a whole bunch of running through the forest at night using only a torchlight; that will be a bit scary.”


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