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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 28, 2021

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Retro Metro Paddington

Tiernan Silcock

Retro Metro Main Store
It’s Thursday night. You are about to go out out on the town. Cue the frantic panic as you try desperately to scrounge an appropriate outfit together that is both stylish and clean.

As someone who purchases on average at least two items of clothing a week, I still manage to have the “I DON’T HAVE ANY CLOTHES” breakdown every time I need to dress to impress. As a university student, my income is not nearly sufficient enough to support my desired shopping habits, however I have learnt to adapt.

Vintage clothing stores…my wallet’s very own happy place. My love for vintage clothing started young, as I began to raid the boxes of clothes my mother had stored from her teens. Denim overalls, spandex tights, and blazers with gigantic shoulder pads…she had it all. Well, until I took it. Since then I have loved vintage items and the novelty of owning a one off item, a piece of fashion history.

Paddington is renowned for its vintage shopping, a curious mix of independent designer stores, op-shops and antique stores. All within walking distance, you are sure to find what you are after whether that is a beautiful gown, statement jacket or cheap denim.

Retro Metro is one of the retro jewels of the suburb; jam packed with an array of items from era upon era. Opening in 2004, Retro Metro has expanded to comprise of both a main store and also a clearance garage. Owner and Manager, Colin Baker, is certain that the vintage scene will continue to grow within Paddington over the next years.

“There are more vintage and retro stores in Paddington than before…personally I love any store that offers value and a nice atmosphere.

“I love vintage clothing because it’s well designed and well made.”

Buying from both the general public and other collectors, the store offers a range of stock that varies in price from $5 to $500.

Other affordable places to grab some goodies in Paddington include Vinnies, RaRa Superstar, Endeavour Foundation and La La Latrobe.


Where: 27 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington 4064


Opening Hours for Retro Metro Main Store
Monday-Friday: 10am till 5pm
Sunday: 11am till 4pm

Opening Hours for The Garage Clearance
Wednesday-Saturday: 10am till 4.30pm
Sunday: 11am till 3.30pm

07 3876 3854