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Reverends Fine Coffee is a heavenly experience

Reverends Fine Coffee is a heavenly experience

| On 12, Aug 2013

During the day Fortitude Valley can be a little bleak, especially when walking past drunken haunts like Kaliber & RG’s.

But there is a light at the end of that tainted tunnel and it shines from Reverends Fine Coffee.

The newish establishment located on Brunswick St is a godsend for coffee lovers.

Always smooth, delicious and served at perfect drinking temperature, every coffee I have had there (probably about 9 now) has been as, if not more, enjoyable than the last.

Plus, my unrefined palate means I’m a sucker for anyone who adds milk chocolate shavings to my cappuccino.

Image: Lyneta Darling

Image: Lyneta Darling

Don’t worry if you’re a more serious coffee drinker though.

Reverends has a brew bar that serves up technical- sounding drinks like Aeropress, Chemex and cold drips.

With a fit-out that oozes the casual, trendy style the Valley/New Farm is known for (think exposed brick walls and industrial style furniture), Reverends is also a great place to slow down and take a little time to enjoy the smaller things.

Like a bacon and haloumi bagel or Mexican beef jaffle.

Both of which are delicious – even when they sell out of haloumi and substitute it with cream cheese and avocado, as they did on my latest visit.

The breakfast/brunch menu has had a recent upgrade with new additions like the bacon & haloumi bagel and the flavour saver, marinated mushrooms, poached eggs and chorizo on Italian toast, tempting customers to stray from favourites like avo toast and waffles.

I have on one occasion been let down by a slightly cold poached egg, but other than that the food has been extremely tasty and well priced.

Unlike that poached egg, the staff have always been incredibly warm and seem to genuinely enjoy their job and interactions with customers.

I’d also give them two thumbs up for their taste in music.

Listening to The National while eating a bagel and sipping on a fine coffee is certainly a treat for the senses!

So the next time you find yourself wandering the mall and contemplating dining at RG’s before 7pm, cross the road and absolve your sins at Reverends Fine Coffee.

Image: Lyneta Darlington

Image: Lyneta Darlington

The Details

What: Reverends Fine Coffee

Where: Shop B, 372 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

When: Mon- Fri: 7am – 5pm, Saturdays: 8am – 5pm

How much: $3 – $15