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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 31, 2020

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Review: Alison Wonderland at the Tivoli

Review: Alison Wonderland at the Tivoli
Imogen Sloss

For someone with such a small stature, Alison knows how to play a crowd. When I arrived at the Tivoli on Thursday night, I couldn’t help think about a) how I had work tomorrow and b) how cold and sober I was.

The support act, Manu Crook$, was a rapper from Sydney, had heaps of energy, sure, but I’d never heard any of his music before. It was nearing 10pm and I was beginning to regret being there, especially without a jacket in the hyper-air-conditioned Tivoli.

When the lights dimmed on the hour, the energy in the room immediately shifted. Maybe everyone’s substances had kicked in, or maybe I was just surrounded by people who really, really liked Alison Wonderland. (I think definitely a combination of both.)

Her silhouette crossed the stage and took a seat at the electric cello and she opened with ‘I Want U’, layering tracks until the crowd was wrapped around her little finger. And the drops – oh, the drops – caused the balcony to shake and shudder in the most satisfying way.

The set and accompanying light show was possibly the greatest of its kind that I’ve ever seen. As the entire front of her desk lit up, as well as the back of the stage behind her, along with the lights directed into the crowd and in perfect sync with the music, the visuals added a whole other dimension to the sensory overload. My retinas are still singed.

One of my favourite parts of the whole show was when her song dropped into this clip of Terry Crews and Alison laughed and said “that’s like, my favourite visual of all time.” Me too, Alison. Me too. 

Image credit: Zac Montgomery