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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 18, 2020

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Review: Bo Lan Thai

Review: Bo Lan Thai

| On 18, May 2014

A rewarding aspect of foodie-ing at Creative Drinks is sharing my happy eats with you.

I was wandering through the cultural melting pot that is Elizabeth Arcade, with my trained eyes peeled for a tasty feed.  I was ready to settle for Korean, but a new shopfront caught my eye. “BoLAN Thai”

Driven by hunger and Pad Thai, we took a seat in Bo Lan.

Bo Lan Thai

Bo Lan Thai, espresso machine and all!

Bo Lan occupies a funny space. The walls are plastered with vintage posters, some in Thai, some in English, lit by the dull glow of an industrial-style black chandelier. In addition to their Thai menu, they have an espresso machine, which serves up ‘good espresso’ according to a fellow diner.

Despite the cultural confusion, Bo Lan’s food was fantastic.

Their menu was authentic and well-priced. For no more than $12.90, you can enjoy a mountain of Pad Thai, green curry and roast duck. You can also enjoy some of their smaller share plates for around $6.

We chose their vegetarian Pad Thai and the roast duck with rice. The Pad Thai was served as they do in Thailand, and just the way I like it – a huge serving mounded high on the plate, covered in crushed peanuts, chilli, egg and a touch of smooth palm sugar. For $10.90, it was fantastic value, and there was probably enough food to feed two small eaters.

Pad Thai perfection

Pad Thai perfection

The roast duck was also delicious. Although there wasn’t quite enough duck, (there can never be too much duck I guess) the sweet, hot sauce, ginger, rice and greens made up for it. The duck was sizzled to perfection, with the perfect amount of fatty crispiness.


For those interested in Vietnamese and Thai coffee, Bo Lan also makes authentic Vietnamese condensed milk coffee.

If you’re feeling lost in Brisbane’s CBD, find yourself in Bo Lan.

Eat some amazing Thai food while you’re at it.

The details
Bo Lan Thai 
Elizabeth St Arcade, Elizabeth Street
Weekdays 7.00am – 10.00pm, Weekends 10.00am – 11.00pm
Contact 07 3003 0707

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Despite the funny space, Bo Lan has a mean, cheap menu!