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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 19, 2022

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Review: Ceres' We Are A Team Tour @ The Zoo

Review: Ceres’ We Are A Team Tour @ The Zoo
Michael Hannay

Ceres offer fresh new music at their biggest Brisbane headliner yet — and show no signs of slowing down.

Opening proceedings on a chilly Brisbane night are Melbourne indie rock trio Eaglemont – their music best described as Lucy Dacus by way of a more-subdued Martha. They close with new single ‘Hound’, a song that lyrically reflects the general message of positivity and kindness of the night – “… we’ve all got our problems, so try not to be a dick.”

The We Are A Team tour represents Ro’s third trip to Brisbane so far in 2019 – her single ‘Fucked Up Over You’ shines in a relatively short set, her voice hanging in the venue’s rafters, the floor filling up rapidly in her majesty. Ro’s stage presence is hard to describe but presents as almost otherworldly – Earth isn’t ready yet, but Ro is here.

It is clear that Ceres have grown in a really organic way – the first time I saw the band was when they played upstairs at Crowbar to maybe 100 people on the Drag It Down On You tour. The Zoo is almost packed out by the time the band hit the stage, and the crowd is now dotted with shirts from other bands Ceres have toured with: Press Club, Joyce Manor and Slowly, Slowly merchandise is absolutely rife.

This represents the band’s biggest Brisbane headline show to date, and Ceres immediately jump into the one-two punch of ‘Marriage’ and ‘Collarbone, 2011’ that make up the first two tracks on We Are A Team. Returning audiences will also notice a new member of the band – Stacey Cicivelli, who also plays in the underrated Self Talk, contributes harmonies, keys and guitar, and adds a significant amount to the band’s live sound. New single ‘Me & You’ gets a much-anticipated run as well, its massive chorus belted back at the band by the enthusiastic crowd.

The chorus of ‘Happy In Your Head’ is pre-empted by a significant portion of the crowd when singer Tom Lanyon mentions that tonight is his birthday – but that doesn’t make the song any less affecting. All the Drag It Down On You hits get a run to the delight of the crowd – ’91, Your House’, ‘Laundry Echo’, the always-crushing ‘Choke’.

There’s only one small issue with Ceres’ rising star – an hour is not enough. The band has now released three full-length records, two EP’s and several untethered singles. There is simply not enough time to play everything. Only ‘I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick’ gets a run from their first LP I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here, but it is clear how the crowd feels – the power trips mid-song, killing the amps, and the crowd finishes the song to only the beat of the drums.

We Are A Team is Ceres’ quietest, most diverse record yet – but the live show remains as exciting as ever. Next time Ceres are in your state, head along. I think something good’s gonna happen.

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