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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Review: Chimp Cop at Melbourne Comedy Festival

Review: Chimp Cop at Melbourne Comedy Festival

| On 17, Apr 2015

Every good Melbourne Comedy Festival venue has a strong and distinct vibe, from the top-bill acts at the Town Hall to the beautiful weirdos at Tuxedo Cat. The Imperial has a strong mix of subversive stand-up acts and sketch comedy, with Chimp Cop confidently leading the helm.

Performers Ben Vernel, Adam Knox, Timothy Clark and Rosie Vernel deliver a hugely fun, silly and sometimes lovingly grossed-out homage to private-eye inspired film noir. Our titular character is played by Timothy Clark, providing a strong performance as the cliche best detective in the god-damn force. The rest of the cast spread out a wide mix of very funny and ridiculous film cliche characters, with Adam Knox’s turn as a shouting police sergeant a highlight.


The simple, no fuss formula of minimal props and costumes works well, with the crew relying more on word play than elaborate physical set pieces. Chimp Cop is pure fun, the kind of ridiculous sketch comedy you want to add to your already bulging comedy festival experience.

You can buy tickets here.