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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 15, 2020

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Review: Dirty Sexy Politics at MICF

Review: Dirty Sexy Politics at MICF

| On 31, Mar 2015

Samuel Valentine and Tom Albert hail originally from Queensland, but you wouldn’t know it. There fast paced, vaudevillian cabaret style of comedy fits very comfortably in Melbourne and indeed the Butterfly Club.

“Dirty Sexy Politics” is a whiplash fast musical journey through modern Australia’s modern political system. The duo’s musical ability is fierce, with Valentine and Albert hopping ferociously from guitar, accordion, ukulele and even a trombone, ripping through genres with ease.

The pair have a great and simple format, moving through the political landscape using visual slides and witty songs, from a love ballad to Gina Rinehart a stomping Soviet inspired Union song. If you want ridiculously rude, fun and slickly produced show to kick off your festival, “Dirty Sexy Politics” is a sure bet.

Head to the MICF website for details.