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Review: End of the Road Coffee

Review: End of the Road Coffee

| On 12, Apr 2014

Aptly named, End of the Road occupies an enviable cafe-spot at the river end of Brunswick Street.

End of the Road’s location is strategically advantageous. Removed from the bustle and business of New Farm, it is situated on the banks of the Brisbane River, it is right next to the New Farm CityCat station, and it opens out onto the well-kept grassy hills of New Farm Park.

The peculiarly shaped space is owned by the council, who sublet it to the owners. They embarked on a lengthy application process, and months later, after they had forgotten about applying, they were successful! End of the Road was born.

Decked out in local art, bold printed walls, home-made bookshelves and stools and other eclectic trinkets, End of the Road offers a quirky, welcoming vibe. You can choose to sit out on their patio which overlooks mangroves and the majestic Brisbane River, or you can opt to sit indoors, comforted by cushiony armchairs.

Be hugged by the armchairs at End of the Road.

Be hugged by the armchairs at End of the Road.

Due to weather complications, we went with option 2. Suffering my usual order choice anxiety, the staff were helpful in determining which tea I should choose. We ended up ordering a pot of rainbow chai, green tea and assorted coffees.

A series of unforeseen events (our coffee docket flying off the machine and into the wilderness) led to a delay in our order, yet the situation was appeased with a plate of the world’s most delicious brownies on the house.

Our table of goodies.

Our table of goodies.

The teas and coffees were delicious! End of the Road use a Brisbane-based blend by “The Coffee Roasters”, who air-dry their beans for a lighter taste. Their green tea was light and not bitter like green teas can be, and the chai, as the name suggests, was like drinking rainbows.

They also serve museli, fruit and salads in jars, which is sensible because food tastes better when consumed out of an oddly shaped bowl. A variety of creative smoothies are also on offer to satisfy both exercise and dairy enthusiasts alike. Other small breakfast items are on offer, including toasties and croissants. Coffee and tea is reasonably priced, yet the sandwiches are no bargain.

Head down to the End of the Road (literally), for a lazy brunch or coffee. The location is perfect to grab a coffee, jump on a CityCat and have a frolic in New Farm Park, all at once.

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End of the Road is in a great location and serves excellent food and coffee.