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Review: Irving Place

Review: Irving Place

| On 12, Oct 2014

Irving Place is the fresh new cafe that occupies a vacant clean expanse in The Wintergarden.

Opening its doors a couple of weeks ago, Irving Place delivers a pop of pink and blue to its sleek, cool surroundings.

Like Gramercy, Irving Place’s shtick is fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is set to rotate seasonally, depending on seasonal specialties.

Following suit from their sibling-institution, their coffee is sourced from offbeat coffee roasterys. Irving Place’s blend is Reuben Hills, sourced from Surry Hills in Sydney. You can have your coffee served with house-made almond milk and Zymil.

Irving Place also serves juices for $7.50, house-made sodas for $7.20 and a range of teas.

Apple, ginger and celery juice.

The eats are numbered, but Irving Place makes up for it in the creativity department. I had the Gin Cured Salmon, which features said salmon, asparagus, a poached egg, a generous smear of herbed ricotta and a carrot jam, which reminded me of my Grandfather’s delicious ‘tzimmes’ (honeyed cooked carrots).

Photo 8-10-2014 10 47 29 am

The salmon was really delicious, fresh, and silky! The other components of the meal complimented each other very well.

My co-diner had the German-inspired Maple Baked Pork Fillet, which was served on a baguette with a sweet and creamy apple and brussel sprout slaw, and was equally thrilled with the meal!

Photo 8-10-2014 10 47 50 am

Priced at $14.50 and $12.80 respectively, the meals are inexpensive and aren’t excessively large either.

If I haven’t given you enough reason to visit Irving Place, let the diverse range of up-to-date magazines on shelf (win) lure you!

It's magazine day every day at Irving Place.

On your next shopping expedition, don’t be lazy – wake up a bit earlier and enjoy a meal in the quiet environment Irving Place offers among the bustle of the city.


The Details

What: Irving Place Café

Where: The Wintergarden, 200 Edward St

What: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

Contact: 0412 906 196 or check out their Facebook here.


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A great new addition to inner-city dining!