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Review: Jimi Hendrix's Starting At Zero

Review: Jimi Hendrix’s Starting At Zero

| On 04, Jan 2015

Treat yourself to a belated Christmas present by picking up Jimi Hendrix’s biography titled Starting At Zero, and let yourself be inspired by the words of the globally renowned guitar hero and ultimate musical legend.If you’re feeling in need of some musical inspiration, reading Jimi Hendrix’s story of how he started from zero and reached number one is a must.

In just four years Jimi Hendrix became an international cultural icon. The sheer impact and originality of his music and his unique mastery of the guitar placed him amongst musical giants for eternity. Through this publication, you’re given a golden ticket to be able to delve into the man behind the public image, that has been shrouded in mystery from the early days of his incredibly successful career.

Jimi Hendrix Starting At Zero

Beginning in the early years of Hendrix’s life, the narrative is introduced from his very first memories and leads into the days when he first picked up a six-string at the age of 15. Giving insight into the eventful life of the musical and cultural icon, the tale weaves through each stage of his life, from beginning to end. From his joining and leaving the US Army, to living and starving on the streets of New York, and then reaching international fame soon after, this novel is the truest tale of the enigma that was Jimi Hendrix’s life to ever exist.

While Hendrix tragically died at the young age of 27, long before this biography had a chance to be published, Starting At Zero is an account still well and truly written by Mr Hendrix himself. By leaving behind his own account of himself locked away like a puzzle in the form of multiple interviews, lyrics, poems and diaries, Starting At Zero is a compilation of each medium, bringing all of these elements together in a narrative form.


Following Jimi’s thought process throughout the novel is intriguing and inspirational. After reading this masterpiece you can’t help but believe whole-heartedly that Hendrix was and is one of the purest souls to walk the face of the Earth.


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