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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 6, 2020

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Review: Man Up

Review: Man Up

| On 10, Nov 2015

Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, with an English accent, on an epic blind date. Hilarity Ensued.

From the comical minds that brought us ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Paul’ comes a comedy with a side order of romance. In true Simon Pegg fashion, this movie will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end. Main character Nancy (Lake Bell), is a single, thirty-something cynic who gets tangled up with Jack (Simon Pegg), a forty-year old divorcee looking for that big romantic love. The premise: a chance meeting on Nancy’s behalf and a mixed up blind date for Jack - cue the greatest date night ever.

Jack mistakes Nancy for his blind date in a busy London train station and in a split second decision Nancy pretends to be Jack’s date Jessica, a twenty-something triathlete. After a few drinks and some shots they take their date to play one of the sexiest games of bowling ever seen. Nancy as Jessica runs into an old high-school class mate at the bowling alley and things get interesting. Sean (Rory Kinnear),  steals the show as an old classmate who was and apparently still is in love with Nancy. Jack discovers Nancy and Sean in a very odd position in the ladies bathroom and all Nancy’s secrets come tumbling out in hilarious fashion. Nancy discovers why Jack was so eager to have a twenty-something triathlete date, when his ex-wife and her new lover walk into the bar. With both Jack and Nancy’s secrets out they begin to discover what they have in common.

Man Up 2

The two part ways as Jack tries to salvage his date with the real Jessica only to discover they have nothing in common and Nancy might just be the girl he has been searching for. In an attempt to show the cynical Nancy that grand romantic gestures can be sincere and wonderful, Jack enlists Sean’s help. This might just be the best part of the film. Both Sean and Jack try to win Nancy’s heart, Sean has the advantage of knowing where Nancy actually lives, however, Jack wins in the end with a romantic speech and quite possibly a sexy hook up in her parent’s bathroom. This movie has just enough romance for the hopeless romantics, and more than enough comedy for those looking for a laugh.

Man Up is showing in cinemas now.

Image Credits: StudioCanal and IMDB