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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 11, 2020

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Review: Montaigne @ The Brightside

Review: Montaigne @ The Brightside
Julia Bates

A sold-out crowd gathered at The Brightside last night to witness Montaigne’s For Your Love tour, and they did not leave disappointed.

The supports for the evening were the synth-pop stylings of HANDSOME and Eilish Gilligan who formed an all-female line up that offered the perfect warmup for what lay ahead.

I was going to deliver the usual spiel about Montaigne’s status as an alumnus of Triple J Unearthed High, but it seems like ancient history. The Sydney-based songstress has garnered a dedicated fan base and it appears that she’s destined to cement herself among musical icons such as Bjork and Nick Cave — both of whom she referenced throughout her set. It’s no surprise that, despite fans still eagerly awaiting a follow-up to her 2016 debut album, Montaigne still manages to pull off a near sold-out tour.

Montaigne took to the stage wearing a locally-designed “homage to Bjork”, and immediately broke into the title track from her 2016 album Glorious Heights backed by a full band.

The setlist was crafted to highlight Montaigne‘s dynamism as a vocalist and performer. Fans relished in the sing-alongs during ‘Fantastic Wreck’ and ‘What You Mean to Me’, but took a moment to settle once the band departed and Montaigne was left alone on stage with an acoustic guitar for ‘Consolation Prize’.

A reflective moment in the set harnessed the intimacy of the venue and included a rendition of the unreleased track ‘ITAIAGF’. When chatter from the back of the venue interrupted the introduction to the song, Montaigne admirably commanded the respect that she deserved and delivered a stunning a cappella performance in return.

Montaigne‘s set concluded with her latest single, ‘For Your Love’, followed by ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Till It Kills Me’ which had the whole room moving. It was a fitting end to a show where the artist truly gave 100% the entire time — something that fans have come to expect from Montaigne.

For those who didn’t manage to snag a ticket to Montaigne‘s Brisbane show, tonight’s performance at Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival is definitely worth a look-in.