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Review: Movie World's Fright Night

Review: Movie World’s Fright Night

| On 03, Oct 2014

It all began with a crowd mingling just inside the gates of Movie World, dodging creepy supernatural beings sliding along the ground, frightening people with their sudden appearance and noise.

A rather strange looking man dressed in grey scale, chains draped around his neck and arms, and a voice so low and sinister it was bound to give you the creeps, finally greeted the guests.

The walk to Movie World’s famous Fright Night mazes were an event itself, with smoke hindering your view as zombies reached out to feast on you.

Blood sprayed the walkway and walls, suggesting a battle long since lost had once occurred on the pathway.

Finally arriving at the Village Studios where the mazes were being held, guests were treated to a Halloween feast.

fright night 02

Blood bags were handed out for a tasty drink alongside jelly shots inside syringes, clearly not made for pricking skin.

A wonderful array of sliced meats were draped atop skeletons lying on top of the catering tables. A bowl of salad was placed in the stomach of another mannequin.

Two mazes were open for the guests; The Evil Within, inspired by the upcoming video game of the same title, and Wolf Creek 2, inspired by the 2013 movie.

Wolf Creek star John Jarratt spoke to the crowd, admitting his amazement at how accurate his movie’s maze turned out. It was like being on the film set all over again.

This particular maze offered jump scares, with dying people reaching for hope as the guests walked through the darkness, witnessing the horrify scene before them.

fright night 03

Meanwhile, The Evil Within offered a rather ominous tone throughout; each time you round a corner, you wondered if you were going to be spooked.

Movie World has successfully hosted a miraculous preview night of their well-known Fright Night and it’s definitely an event you want to go to this October!

The Details

What: Fright Night = scary mazes and spooky food galore!

When: Every Friday and Saturday night throughout October

Where: Movie World

Price: Starts from $29.99 for general admission to $149.99 for the Ultimate Terror Tour.


Image sourced from Warner Bros. Movie World – Gold Coast, Australia

Review Overview

Food's (horrific) presentation
Wolf Creek 2 maze
The Evil Within maze

Terrifically horrific!

The actors looks amazing! They were the perfect amount of scary and gory. The mazes were exhilarating and the food was magnificent. Would go again; and soon!