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Review: Philly Steak done justice at PJ's

Review: Philly Steak done justice at PJ’s

| On 25, Mar 2014

This tasty sandwich has stretched its crusts to the corners of the Earth. Including all the way Down Under. Even Boundary St, West End, Brisbane, 4101, QLD.   PJ’s Steaks’ mission is to supply the inner-western suburbs of Brisbane with authentic beefy, cheesy, pickle-y philly steaks.

Back in 1930, Pat Olivieri was bored. Pat owned a hot dog stand in Philadelphia, USA. One day, he decided to buy some beef from his butcher and threw it on his grill.

The sweet scent of the cooking beef stopped a taxi-driver in his tracks. He bought the world’s first Philly steak sandwich.

Word spread, and Pat’s boredom had bred a booming business. Add cheese, and the average sandwich-lover is in heaven.

Their old-school chalkboard menu showcases dozens of philly steak options and add-ons. You’re sure to find one that’s done just how you like it.

PJ's menu

PJ’s menu

Pining for a substantial, meaty meal, my cousin and I hooned down Boundary Street in attempt to decide on a lunchtime spot. A vacant spot outside PJ’s Steaks appeared. Fate paved our way to the lunch of a lifetime.

My cousin chose a $14.90 lunch special, which included the original Philly steak complete with cheese (you can choose your cheese), pickles (you can choose between sweet and sour), chips and a drink.  I was less ambitious and chose the original Philly steak with a pickle.

You can watch the chefs carefully crafting the components of your sandwich through the glass kitchen wall. I think it’s to build anticipation. But, I was distracted by the footy on the large TV screens and the cool vintage memorabilia covering the walls.

The bread was fluffy, the cheese was sharp, the meat was flavoursome. It was indeed a perfect sandwich. The sour pickle delivered an acidic contrast to the heaviness of the sandwich, and I recommend you splash out on the pickle option.

All hail  the Philly steak sandwich.

All hail the Philly steak sandwich.

PJ’s also stocks a range of premium beers, a bevvie perfect for washing down a grease-heavy meal.

Yet, there is a disclaimer – eating a Philly steak on a hot day may lead to post-eating sweats, greasiness and a food coma. This was experienced first hand.

That aside, PJ’s Steaks is doing Pat proud. They serve inexpensive, authentic Philly steaks bound to make you weak at the knees as you walk past and inhale the scent of cheese and beef and… Ahh.

The Details:
PJ’s Steaks West End 
Monday – Thursday: 11.30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday: 11.30am-12am
2/173 Boundary Street West End 4101 
3844 1886

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There is no doubt PJ's is delicious, but you'll experience the unpleasant sensation of the grease penetrating your veins for the hours following your meal.