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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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RMIT Floral Fashion Competition

RMIT Floral Fashion Competition

| On 01, Apr 2015

Each year The Melbourne Flower and Garden show proudly displays the intricate and detailed designs of the senior RMIT fashion students.

The Great Hall of Flowers hosts the amazing, wacky and elegant fashion creations of Melbourne’s up and coming fashion designers. 18 RMIT fashion students participated in the competition, each creatively constructing a garment that represents their interpretation of the theme “Emergence”. Each design was a work of art,  imaginatively displays flowers and their abundance.

The competition forms part of the fashion design curriculum for the study year, providing not only a unique experience for students to get involved in, but provides visitors with a creative insight into the corporation of fashion and flowers.

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This year surpassed all expectations, with wall to wall flowers and flourishes, decorating rays of garments. Each RMIT student, spent a total of 20 hours in the lead up to the show, assembling and fashioning their elaborate garments of design.


RMIT fashion student and contestant of the garden fashion competition Francesca Carolillo, describes the opportunity as an experience of a life time that shows the amazing artistic skills Melbourne fashion students posse.

“ Its a lot of hard work but its all worth it in the end. To see the finished product be proudly displayed in this amazing garden show is unbelievable….it’s not only great experience but an amazing opportunity to have the Melbourne public view our creations” said Francesca.

The constraints of the project, detailed that each student had to integrate 80% plant matter, the garment also had to visually communicate an individual design concept that relates to the theme of emergence . Among the designs chilies, fruit and an assortment of vegetables were found embellished within the garments. Bark, moss and dirt were each incorporated into different parts of the designs, as either hats, shoes, belts and coats.

Francesca’s colourful and alluring chilli and white floral arrangement, was one of the many show stoppers at the exhibition.

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“ My inspiration for my design, not only came from the theme of emergence, but it came from my love for flowers and the beautiful representation of life and birth                                                                   I decided to incorporate chilies due to their uniqueness along with their contrasting nature to flowers” said Francesca.

The Fashion competition was judged by prestigious judge Richard Nylon, a famous Brisbane fashion photographer. The garments were judged and admired on Tuesday the 25th of March, before the show began on the Wednesday.

Renee Cusmano took first prize with her complex and bold bark coat.



Felicity Mawson’s audacious ball gown and head piece took out the runner up position.


Third place was a tie between the amazing creations of Animin Lan and Sherry Kwowk, who both impressed and amazed with their incorporation of bark and tall pouncing green plants.

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The winning pieces will not only be featured on Melbourne’s Channel 7 and Channel 9 news but will be aired on Better Homes and Gardens as part of the Flower and Gardens show episode.

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The winners of the competition will receive cash prizes, as remuneration for their dedicated hard work and creative presentation. First prize received $1500 and a high tea breakfast, along with a one on one interview with Better Homes and Gardens presenter Johanna Griggs. Second prize winner received $1000 and an interview with Griggs. The two lucky third prize winners receive $500 each along with an interview with Griggs.


The garments are an incredible spectacle of pure talent and innovation. The fashion designs along with the other flourishing flower displays, should be seen to be believed at the Melbourne Royal Flower and Garden Show.

The Details

What RMIT Fashion competition at the Royal Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

When Wednesday the 25th March – Sunday 29th March

Where Melbourne Carlton Gardens

Price and Tickets

Adult: $27.00

Family (2 adults & 2 children): $60.00

Concession: $22.00

Child: 6-16 years $10.00

Child: 5 years & under Free

Group: $22.00

More Information The Melbourne Flower and Garden Show

Image Credits: Giulia Formato