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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 10, 2022

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Rosie Waterland: Crazy Lady

Rosie Waterland: Crazy Lady

| On 06, Sep 2017

Rosie Waterland sat down with The Creative Issue ahead of her Crazy Lady show in Brisbane.

The Creative Issue: Your raw honesty in My Life on The Couch (with Vodka) allowed the audience to laugh at truly horrible situations. Are you naturally so open or was it a challenge to reveal so much of your personal story on stage?

Rosie Waterland: I’m a storyteller – I love to write and tell stories, so I’ll reveal whatever it takes to tell a good yarn! It would probably be more challenging for me not to reveal something if I thought it was going to get a laugh.

TCI: In The Anti-Cool Girl, you spoke of the things we all struggle to understand like how online money transactions actually work. Have you heard of the cosmic treachery that is futures trading? Will you be explaining more of society’s foibles for us in your new show Crazy Lady & book Every Lie I’ve Ever Told?

RW: Hahahaha. I always talk about society’s foibles! I think the funniest stories are often found in the most mundane situations.

Rosie Waterland 2 700(photo credit- Shane Rozario)

TCI: How does your Crazy Lady stand-up tour tie in with your latest book Every Lie I’ve Ever Told?

RW: Every Lie I’ve Ever Told details the very unexpected nervous breakdown I had after the death of a friend last year. Seeing my mental health get to that place made me want to explore it in the show, going back through my childhood and early twenties and looking into exactly how my mental health has affected my life. But all in a funny way, I promise! I’ve describing it as a ‘funny show about mental health’. 

TCI: Did writing the book become part of your grieving process?

RW: I suppose it did in the end. It certainly didn’t feel like it at the time – it was very difficult for me to write. I’m just glad that I’ve been able to share how brilliant he was with so many people.

TCI: Lying about mental health can become second nature. Do you hope your new book and live show highlight the issue of mental health in Australia?

RW: Anything that lessens the stigma around mental illness is a good thing, and I hope that approaching it through humour will make the subject more accessible to people. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – it can affect any of us. And people should be just as comfortable talking about it as they are talking about any physical illness.

TCI: Having shared so much of yourself in your writing, do you find that fans are more open in return? 

 RW: Very much so! I’ve had quite a few people tell me their life stories at the supermarket! It’s lovely though – that my writing is affecting people in that way is so good to know.


What: Rosie Waterland: Crazy Lady

When: Thursday 7 September at 7:30pm and 9:15pm

Where: The Sit Down Comedy Club, Brisbane

Cost: $49.90

More Info: Event page online

Images by Shane Rozario, supplied by Frontier Comedy