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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 31, 2020

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Ruby Fields Talks Debut EP and Tour

Ruby Fields Talks Debut EP and Tour
Taylor Furby

Ruby Fields released her debut EP Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner in March ahead of an Australian tour this month.

Best known for her debut single ‘I Want’, Ruby Fields grew in popularity overnight, tripling her followers after its release. She followed this up with ‘P Plates’ which was yet another insight into Ruby Fields life. Both singles earned spots on Triple J’s Hottest 200 and filled us with anticipation for her EP. Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner didn’t disappoint and she’s following it up with an Australian tour. Finishing up with a sold out show at The Foundry in Brisbane on April 24th. We had a chat to Ruby about her popularity and the EP.

After gaining traction quickly, we asked Ruby how she started and if she had any advice for young musicians. “If I’m just putting it heaps straight forward, contacts are just as important as making the music, if becoming a part of the music industry is the part that interests you. From age 13, I was sussing out places in my local areas that were frequented by older creatives who had footholds in this industry and now they’re some of my best friends who’ve helped me come really far. I wrote songs to my hearts content and did a lot of work building up to festivals on my own and eventually scoring the manager I’d wanted for years. It’s still really hard work after that, but it’s all part of it.”

She’s clearly gained success with each single but did she expect it to happen so quickly? “Hard to answer that I guess. Everyone’s hoping for a good response to the single. It might sound weird but I didn’t really care too much at first. I’m writing a song because I write songs, I decided to put it out there and if it didn’t work that wasn’t going to douse what I was doing. Fortunately it did and I’m stoked.”

Any young person can relate to her lyrics which Ruby uses to her advantage. “I think with any song if it comes across as relatable, it’s instantly more enjoyable to listen to. I don’t have great guitar skills so that’s kind of the only hook I have. It’s real nice knowing people think my songs are relatable.”

Under a year since the release of ‘I Want’, she released her highly anticipated EP. “So happy the EP’s finally out. Feels like a few years in progress while to everyone else it seems like the last year I was just born out of the music industry and had heaps of flukes. Can’t wait to start working on the newer stuff.”

Touring can be a stressful aspect of being a musician but Ruby tries to keep calm. “There’s no real preparation hey, which probably isn’t a good thing. I usually just work heaps until I go on tour again. It’s become this casual thing for me where instead of thinking ‘oh my god I’m going on a trip on a plane I’m going to be away for so long better pack 10 pairs of undies’ to ‘it’s not that far, i’ll be back in a few days. Two pairs tops’. It’s not becoming jaded by the amazingness of what I’m doing, it’s just calming down and realising you don’t need to be so anxious about it. So I generally just try to sleep around 6 hours and pack a real light carry on bag and head straight there. “

So what will she be doing just before hitting the stage this month? “There’s no real backstage rituals. Occasionally I might listen to a song or something but I genuinely just like talking to my bandmates before going out. They’re hilarious and have done it countless times and being around them gives me confidence. You can feel that we all can’t wait to just play the show already.”

After a huge 2017, this year is shaping up to be a big one for Ruby as she sums it up in one sentence.”To keep it short: make another EP or album, play some really sick shows, meet amazing people and bands, travel and drink lots and lots of beer.”

Her show at the Foundry has sold out so if you’ve got your hands on some tickets, you’re in for a good night. You can check her out here and if you’re desperate for a ticket, join the waiting list here.

What: Ruby Fields’ Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner Tour
Where: The Foundry, 228 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
When: Tuesday, April 24th @ 8pm
Website: link to website
More Info: Sold Out

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