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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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Runway DC - "Boom, Stunning!"

Ratu Lewis

Runway DC performing at Australia's Got Talent Semi-Finals

If you have been watching Australia’s Got Talent then you would DEFINITELY know the fierce and fabulous RUNWAY DC. Last year, before they were on TV, Creative Drinks’ Yuvi caught up with members Lei and Frankie just after they had won Hip Hop International Qualifiers (Brisbane).

YUVI: Where are guys you from?

LEI: I am from, Papatoetoe Auckland, New Zealand

FRANKIE: I was born and raised in New Zealand but come from Samoa

YUVI: How and when did the crew form?

LEI: The group formed in November 2010

FRANKIE: Alex and I formed Runway one year ago and we’ve gone through a lot of members but recently found a unique 6 to form our current group of 8

YUVI: Do you think there will ever be a spot for some young women in your crew?

LEI: Girls in the group – maybe in the future but for now we just want to prove a point with just guys

FRANKIE: I would like to think there would be room for girls but for now most likely only boys

YUVI: Who inspires you?

LEI: Parris Goebel from the Request Dance group inspires me

FRANKIE: Anyone that stands for something and are doing something about it

YUVI: Who does the choreography?

LEI: Alex, Joe, me and Bond organises the choreography for the group

FRANKIE: Majority of the choreograph comes from Alex but throughout the group we all have our input in choreography

YUVI: How many times a week do you practice?

LEI: 4-5 hrs a day 3-4 times a week we practice

FRANKIE: About 4-5 times a week

YUVI: Where does your love for dancing come from?

LEI: My love for dancing comes from watching an episodes/s of ‘So you think you can Dance’ and ever since then it’s become a passion in my life

FRANKIE: Growing up coming from a crazy family who always loved fun I guess that’s how I found out that I had a love for dance

YUVI: I understand that your particular style is voguing; it’s not a style you see very often in movies or real life, why have you chosen it?

LEI: Vogueing is the perfect style that describes my group and I the best. It’s unique and different just like us.

FRANKIE: Vogueing is sort of a part of personalities because vogueing is unique and personal and fabulous

YUVI: What other styles do you do?

LEI: Other styles we do is GFunk, Swag and Wacking

FRANKIE: GFunk, Swag, Raggaton, Wacking

YUVI: Are there any other dance genres that you guys do?

FRANKIE: Latin Ball room

YUVI: Are any of you professionally trained?

LEI: There is no one in the group that has been professionally trained – just raw passion and talent

FRANKIE: No one in the group is professionally trained

YUVI: When you are not dancing what do you do? Do you guys study or work?

LEI: 3 x team members are students and the rest are unemployed and currently looking for week till we make big time

FRANKIE: I’m usually looking for a job or designing

YUVI: Do you have any other hobbies? What are your other talents besides dancing?

LEI: Supporting younger kids in their passion for dance

FRANKIE: I love shopping, I love designing….I can do a very good impersonation of a sick lamb and you have to see to believe it but it is a talent

YUVI: Did you take part in dancing at school? Like musicals and rock eisteddfods?

LEI: I took part in dancing at school for musicals and a dance competition called Bring it On

FRANKIE: I danced at school through years 11 & 12 but never did any musicals or rock eisteddfods

YUVI; what’s the best thing that has happened to you since becoming a crew? What’s the craziest?Runway DC at Southbank Brisbane

LEI: The craziest thing was winning the National competition knowing it was our first year and so many other talented crews that were tough competition but winning first place just hit us right out of the blue.

FRANKIE: the best thing about becoming part of the crew is about meeting the people so far and forming the friendships that I have made and the craziest would be is winning the Nationals 2011

YUVI: Where do you hope dancing will take you guys?

LEI: I hope dancing will take me around the world doing what I love to do – dancing.

FRANKIE: I really want to go on to Americas best dance crew

YUVI: What advice do you have to kids and teens wanting to start their own crew?

LEI: Advice I would give to younger dancers is to follow their dreams and go hard with what they love

FRANKIE: Just being very driven and having the love for dance and just being on top of your game – good luck

YUVI: What about people who think dancing is uncool or those who have never tried it before and are hesitant to start?

LEI:  encourage those who mock the dance to try it out cause it is just a great feeling to express yourself through something so liberating – dance

FRANKIE: To the people who think dancing is uncool I think you need to try it before you judge it and for those that are hesitant to start I encourage to make the first step because it gives you the freedom to express yourself through dancing

YUVI: Do you think that there has been a recent large response to hip hop and dance in general because of shows like ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘Australia’s got talent’ and ‘Dancing with the stars’?

LEI: Yes, dances like ‘So you think you can Dance’ and ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ has definitely inspired and motivated the younger generation to express themselves through dance

FRANKIE: yes I do, I think with the younger generation people love seeing more hip hop dancing and by having shows like these to find their own ‘drum’

YUVI: Sum up Runway in 10 words.

LEI: Fierce, crazy, humble, inspiring, motivating, forward thinking and overall unique.

FRANKIE: Fabulous, fierce, fresh, humble, creative, unique, talented, in your face, diva’s and inspired.

YUVI: Is there anything else you would like to add or feel like I should know?

LEI: We are standing for a change in dance, to revolutionise the dance world and to make an impact to those we perform for. Don’t run from the world, chase it cause it is the greatest feeling of accomplishment when you have caught it and you feel on top of the world.

YUVI: Thank you for your time. I wish you guys luck in chasing your dreams.

A year on, Runway is diva-ing the stage of Australia’s Got Talent with stunning choreography to their idol, Beyoncès, music – showing everyone exactly who runs the world!

Check out their fabulous performances!